The Bautex Wall Anchor BWA 22 – 10 is a rigid ABS plastic attach­ment anchor for use with the 10-inch Bautex Wall System to attach light- to medium-load con­struc­tion assem­blies. The Bautex Wall Anchor will support gravity loads up to 130 pounds and up to 56 pounds with­draw­al force per attach­ment point when attaching with a 2 inch #6 coarse-thread drywall screw.

Typical Wall Anchor Uses

The Bautex Wall Anchor can be used to attach light- to medium-duty items to the Bautex Block wall including:

  • Inter­sect­ing interior framed walls
  • Tracks for rain screen wall cladding systems
  • Furring for exterior siding
  • Furring or framing systems for interior drywall
  • Support ledgers for mounting millwork
  • Interior and exterior archi­tec­tur­al elements
  • Lighting and signage fixtures


In areas where materials need to be fastened to the exterior or interior face of the Bautex Wall System, Bautex Wall Anchors are installed prior to concrete being poured in the wall. The anchors are installed so that the attach­ment plate on the end of the anchor is hammered flush with the face of the wall, and the tip of the anchor pen­e­trates into the hollow core area of the Bautex Block. 

The Bautex Wall Anchor is installed as follows:

  1. Determine anchor position as specified in the con­struc­tion documents and mark each location where a Bautex Wall Anchor will be installed.
  2. Check that the anchors line up with the center of either a hor­i­zon­tal or vertical core of the Bautex Wall System, and ensure that the oval cutout in the shaft of the anchor is fully oriented in the core area and will be captured by the concrete when poured. THE SHAFT OF THE BAUTEX WALL ANCHOR MUST BE INSTALLED IN A VERTICAL ORIENTATION.
  3. Gently hammer the anchor into the wall at the attach­ment point using a rubber mallet. Confirm that attach­ment spacing matches the project spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Be sure not to over- penetrate, and that the anchor face is flush with the surface of the wall.
  4. Imme­di­ate­ly after the Bautex Wall System is poured with concrete and while the concrete is still workable, visually inspect all wall anchors and reinsert any that have moved to ensure the face plate is flush with the wall.


Face Height 2 inches
Face Width 2 inches
Face Are 4 square inches
Anchor Length 4.75 inches
Shaft Height 2 inches
Weight 1 ounce, 28 grams
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black
Anchors per carton 200
Weight per carton 13.5 pounds


The Bautex Wall Anchor has been lab­o­ra­to­ry tested to provide both gravity and with­draw­al load capac­i­ties for the screw fasteners described below. Before buying and using this product, com­plete­ly read the Bautex Wall System Instal­la­tion Guide as well as the Product Data sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available for download below.

ASTM D1761-06 - Standard Test Method for Mechanical Fasteners in Wood Stated use Allowable loads for 2-inch # 6 coarse thread drywall screws:
Lateral Loads: 130 lbs.
Withdrawal Loads: 56 lbs