Retail businesses have unique building and efficiency demands. Time is money, so speed of construction is crucial. But so is having a building design that is welcoming to customers and optimized for business. And energy efficiency is critical, as a 10 percent decrease in energy costs has an equivalent impact on operating income as a 1.26% increase in sales for the average retail store according to The Bautex Wall System helps retailers to create buildings designed to appeal to customers, while offering superior energy efficiency that improves the bottom line.

Building requirements:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Speed of construction
  • Design flexibility


  • Exterior structural wall
  • Exterior curtain wall with supplemental structural system
  • Interior demising walls between units
  • Sound walls
  • Decorative outdoor walls

Why is Bautex an ideal solution?

  • Provides superior energy efficiency, even in large spaces
  • Reduces time-to-build and size of crew
  • Offers architects new and innovative design options