K-12 Education

With school districts under increased pressure to reduce spending, building a new school requires extensive consideration on a number of fronts, from architectural designs that provide more effective learning spaces to ever more stringent standards for energy efficiency. The Bautex Wall System can provide new opportunities for districts seeking to build new schools that provide a superior environment for students, teachers and administrators. From flexible design options to quieter classrooms, improved indoor air quality and exceptional energy efficiency, Bautex can help to create better schools for the whole community.

Building requirements:

  • Low operating costs
  • Sound quality
  • LEED certification


  • Exterior structural wall
  • Interior demising walls between classrooms and offices
  • Fire-resistant barrier
  • Decorative outdoor walls

Why is Bautex an ideal solution?

  • Better energy efficiency reduces costs of operation
  • Sound can be isolated between classrooms, auditoriums, offices and public spaces
  • Recycled content, energy efficiency and indoor environmental air quality all help meet LEED requirements