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Bella Colinas Retail

Cost-Effective and Durable Construction for Retail Developer


Bella Colinas Retail

  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Durable Construction
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Fire-rated Wall System

The Opportunity

KPG Commercial is a commercial real estate development firm based in Austin, Texas focused on office, medical, retail, multi-family and other unique ventures commercial properties. They typically hold ownership positions in all of its development projects, so speed and cost of construction, ease of maintenance, and long-term durability are all important design considerations.

Key Design Features

Noack-Little Architects and Neel Morton Office of Architecture selected the Bautex Wall System for this speculative retail building to give KPG a more durable and easy to maintain structure than metal framing, but one that was more cost-effective than concrete block or concrete tilt panel. While the concrete and concrete block systems are quite durable, energy codes demand additional insulation be installed which adds cost and complexity to the project. The Bautex system was able to meet the energy code requirements without additional work or materials.

Being a speculative building, the interior finishes were not completed during initial shell construction as is common in the industry. However, fire code required that sheetrock or another ignition barrier be installed over any flammable insulation attached to the inside of the structure. Unlike the case for concrete block or concrete tilt panel construction, the Bautex Wall System was exempt from this requirement as the insulation is integral to the block which is fire rated. This allowed KPG to leave the interior of the building unfinished until they were ready to make accommodations for their new tenants.


KPG Commercial values the efficiency and quality of their buildings because of their strategy to maintain ownership positions in these assets. While the energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and healthiness of the building were strong selling points for prospective tenants, the selection of Bautex for this project directly benefited the owner. Not only is this building cost-effective to construct, it will be easier to maintain, and will maintain its value very well relative to many other buildings in the area.

Project Info

Project Name: Bella Colinas Retail

Location: Bee Cave, Texas

Building Type: Speculative Retail Space

Stories: 1

Building SF: 10,000

Completed: 2017

Project Team

Owner: KPG Commercial

Architects: Noack-Little Architects, Neel Morton Office of Architecture

Structural Engineer: Dunaway Associates

Bautex Wall System Engineer: M&S Engineering

General Contractor: Austin Canyon Corporation

Bautex Block Installer: Whitetail Construction, Inc.

Bautex AMB Installer: WeatherTex Waterproofing

Bautex Stucco Installer: Steve Hampton Plastering Co.


Construction Cost Savings

The all-in-one Bautex Wall System proved to be more cost effective than concrete tilt panel with interior framed and insulated walls, saving the owner time and money.

Durable Construction

The Bautex option gave the developer the durability of concrete or masonry wall systems without having to compromise with less durable light framing.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solid, durable and well insulated and protected walls with abuse resistant finishes substantially reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Fire-rated Wall System

Choosing Bautex helped meet new more stringent energy codes while avoiding issues with new fire code requirements for speculative shell buildings.

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