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Auto Haus

Protecting and Showcasing a Car Collection


Auto Haus

  • Physical Security
  • Simplification of Wall Design
  • Durability and Low Maintenance

The Opportunity

Architect Matt Fajkus and builder Matt Risinger collaborated on Auto Haus to create a unique living space and garage for a car collector moving to Austin. In designing this new home, the 15-car garage was a key element of the overall design. The design team created a unique hybrid structure that seamlessly and efficiently integrates the residence and garage spaces.

Key Design Features

There were a number of important requirements for this project. First and foremost was the need for a high level of security. The walls also needed a high fire rating to protect the structure and adjoining residence from internal fires that could be caused by the cars themselves.

In order to protect the valuable cars from the aging effects of the Texas climate, the space had to be conditioned and the walls had to meet latest code requirements for continuous insulation and be energy efficient.

As the cars are washed on a regular basis the walls also need to be able to withstand being sprayed with water on a regular basis. They wanted a wall that was totally impervious to moisture damage from interior to exterior.

Another important element when protecting cars is the ability to control the humidity as well as the temperature in the space. If it’s too dry, it can prematurely age many of the expensive parts of the cars. If it is to damp, too much humidity can also damage the cars.


In order to meet all these important requirements, the architect and the builder decided to use the innovative Bautex Wall System. The Bautex Wall System met all of the owners’ needs for security, safety, moisture resistance, ability to control the temperature and humidity and energy efficiency - all in one integrated wall assembly. Because it is a composite system, Bautex Block also saved on construction time and simplified the overall design and construction of the building.

Project Info

Project Name: Auto Haus

Location: Austin, Texas

Building Type: Residential

Stories: 2

Building SF: 3,878

Completed: 2017

Project Team

Architect: Matt Fajkus Architecture, LLC

General Contractor: Risinger & Co.

Bautex Installer: Boothe Concrete, Inc.

Structural Engineer: Arch Consulting Engineers, PLLC


The architect and builder of Auto Haus utilized the Bautex Wall System to help meet a broad set of owner requirements for their hybrid residence and collector’s garage.

Physical Security

Auto Haus utilized Bautex Block to provide a unique car collection protection from physical and environmental damage, while also making the cars visible and accessible to the owners.

Simplification of Wall Design

The Bautex Wall System provided structure, enclosure, and insulation in a single integrated and robust package. Just add stucco and plaster finishes and the walls are complete.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The owners had this need for a big space that could be hosed out, that could be power washed, and with Bautex they are not worried about water.

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