The Bautex Wall System can be used to construct almost any building type, including projects such as office buildings, retail, hospitality, multi-family residential, K-12 education and government and municipal buildings.

Austin Regional Clinic Bee Caves

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) is a well-regarded primary care provider and one of the largest professional medical groups in Central Texas. Using the Bautex Wall System allowed them to create a quieter, healthier, and more comfortable space in a cost-effective and practical way.

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Bella Colinas Retail

KPG Commercial is a real estate development firm based in Austin, Texas focused on office, medical, retail, multi-family and other commercial properties. With the selection of Bautex for this project, not only is this building cost-effective to construct, it will be easier to maintain, and will hold its value compared to many other buildings in the area.

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The Dixon Residence

The Dixons were looking for a wall system that would both lend itself to the sturdiness necessary for a forever home and require minimal maintenance over time. The integrated insulation of the wall system keeps the internal temperature of their house at a constant and their energy bills low, regardless of what is going on with the weather outside.

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Sea Star Base Galveston, Phase 2

Sea Star Base Galveston (SSBG) is a high-adventure marine and maritime facility offering aquatic education programs for young people. The designers needed a structure that could stand up to hurricane force storms for both the safety of the occupants and to minimize storm damage. As a non-profit organization, they were also interested in lower operating and construction costs.

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Rio Grande Valley Credit Union

Rio Grande Valley Credit Union purchased an existing bank building in Harlingen, Texas to renovate and expand for use as the company’s primary headquarters location. The Bautex Wall System was completed in just over a week. This allowed the project to move quickly to install the safe, roof and exterior finishes in just three weeks.

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Austin Regional Clinic Cedar Park

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) had a goal of delivering better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. The Bautex Wall System was specified in order to provide a healthier and safer indoor environment for patients.

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