Bautex Installer Program Terms


To qualify as a Bautex Trained Installer, the installing contractor must have an employee on staff who has completed the Bautex Construction Training Course within the past 18 months or has completed a project using the Bautex Wall System within the past 18 months.


The Bautex Installer Program is a training program only.  Specifically, Bautex trains individuals with regard to general installation practices regarding the Bautex Wall System. Each Bautex Wall System must be installed in accordance with the plans and specifications stamped by a registered engineer, even if they conflict with Bautex’s general installation practices.  Bautex does not conduct any inspections to determine whether the Bautex Wall System has been installed correctly in accordance with the engineered plans and specifications, or that the individuals trained by Bautex are used by the installer on a particular construction project.  To ensure that the Bautex Wall System has been installed correctly, you must rely upon your own construction inspector, registered engineer, architect, and other licensed construction professionals.

Only businesses may qualify for the Bautex Installer Program. Individuals who move to another installing contractor must repeat the Bautex Construction Training Course in order to qualify the new business for the Bautex Trained Installer program. 

The inclusion and continued inclusion of any company in the Bautex Installer Program is at all times in the sole discretion of Bautex. Requirements and terms of this program are subject to change, from time to time in our sole discretion, without notice.