Training For Installing Contractors

Bautex Installer Program Trained

The Bautex Installer Program gives contractors a simple and efficient path for developing the technical knowledge required to build confidently with the Bautex Wall System.

Bautex Trained Installers.

The Bautex Wall System does not require specialty trades for installation, and is typically constructed by local masonry or concrete contractors. Bautex provides hands on training to estimators, project superintendents, crew foremen, and individual tradesman and laborers. Bautex also provides field and remote construction support to installing contractors as needed.

Bautex Construction Training Course

The Bautex Construction Training Course is a half-day to full-day educational program that provides both construction theory and principles in a classroom setting, as well as the opportunity to participate in practical hands-on construction best practices exercises. Course participants have an opportunity to work directly with the Bautex Block and go through the steps of building a wall.

The purpose of the course is to give participants the technical knowledge and best practices to build high-performance buildings using the Bautex Wall System.