Installing Bautex Block

Construction using Bautex blocks is simple and straightforward. Workers utilize existing construction techniques, skills, and tools. With training provided by Bautex, any contractor can quickly and confidently start building on day one.

The Bautex Wall System can be installed in four easy steps:

  • Installation - Step 1

    Place the Blocks

    Blocks are laid end-to-end starting from one corner until a full course is completed.  Blocks are glued together to provide temporary alignment until the cores are filled with concrete. Wall penetrations and design details are easily formed as the courses are placed.

  • Installation - Step 2

    Install Steel Reinforcement

    Horizontal and vertical reinforcement bars are placed within each block core using commonly available rebar chairs and tie wire.

  • Installation - Step 3

    Brace and Pour Concrete

    Once the walls are braced and inspected, the hollow cores formed by the blocks are poured with high-flow structural concrete.

  • Installation - Step 4

    Apply Barriers and Finishes

    Attachments, air and moisture barriers and finishes are applied on interior and exterior wall surfaces using traditional construction methods and materials.