August 17, 2012

Bautex Launches Digital Design Library


The manufacturer of Bautex Block has launched an online digital library that provides architects, engineers and building contractors with all the design tools and construction resources needed to quickly and efficiently design and build structures using the Bautex Wall System.  Builders and design professionals can now find these tools at in the Tools & Resources section. 

The Bautex design library is filled with resources including downloadable AutoCAD® details, BIM model Revit® files, 2D and 3D details, CSI Guide Specifications, design and installation guides, product test reports and product data sheets.

Building designers are constantly facing compressed project timelines and reduced budgets.  Bautex created the Bautex Design Guide to help architects quickly understand the fundamental engineering and design principles of the Bautex Wall System, and created the AutoCAD® files, Revit® models and CSI Guide Specifications to reduce much of the time, effort, cost and complexity of designing new structures.

“Bautex has made a strong commitment to providing comprehensive design and engineering tools that architects and engineers must have in order to be effective and competitive in today’s construction market,” said David Sterne, P.E., and Vice President of Bautex Systems.  “The Bautex Design Library gives architects valuable resources that can be instantly dropped into construction plans, which will significantly reduce design time and costs.”

Bautex also recognizes that building contractors need help with project pricing and planning, as well as learning new construction best practices for high-performance building products like the Bautex Wall System. The Bautex Installation Guide gives building contractors the necessary details and knowledge to efficiently plan and construct a building using the Bautex Block.

The Bautex Digital Design Library is one more example of the company’s thought leadership and commitment to supporting architects, engineers and contractors in the commercial construction market.

About Bautex Systems, LLC:

Bautex Systems, LLC is a leader in providing builders and architects with better materials for building safer, more energy-efficient and more design-flexible building envelope solutions. From its plant in San Marcos, Texas, Bautex Systems uses a patent-pending manufacturing process to produce Bautex Block, an insulated concrete block comprised of cementitious material and expanded polystyrene (EPS). Bautex Block is used to build interior and exterior walls for commercial and residential construction, creating an integrated wall assembly that exceeds 2015 building codes for energy efficiency and life safety. The company is headquartered in San Marcos and is ideally located to serve builders throughout the southwest United States.

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