Texas Surgical Dermatology PA

Feng Shui & Sustainability Principles Come to a Medical Office

The Opportunity

Building owner Dr. Tri Nguyen, wanted to expand his dermatology practice and build a second medical office in the Greater Houston area. The Mohs micrographic-trained surgical dermatologist wanted his newest office in Spring, Texas to incorporate feng shui techniques with long-lasting, sustainable materials from Texas.

Dr. Nguyen was also interested in products that would help him save costs and construction time.

Patients are now also influenced by their experience, including comfortability, and are more likely to share their opinions, both positive and negative, online.

The caliber of staff is another important part of a successful practice. What it’s like working inside the building is an important element in the ability to attract and retain high quality employees.

Key Design Features

As owner and operator of Texas Surgical Dermatology, Dr. Nguyen wanted to provide his patients a higher quality experience by giving them a safe, quiet and more comfortable indoor environment. Dr. Nguyen and his general contractor, Jonathan Greene, considered many materials for this building and found all that they wanted and more in the Bautex Wall System.

The medical office sits just north of Houston along the Texas Gulf Coast, a hot-humid region that poses a consistent threat of hurricanes and other inclement weather. The Bautex Wall System provided the project:

  • R-14 continuous mass wall that exceeds energy codes by 250%
  • Noise reduction with high sound transmission class (STC) of 51
  • Protection from mold, mildew and rot inside exterior walls
  • ICC and FEMA rated windstorm protection
  • 4-hour fire rated walls


Health and Safety
Indoor air quality, mold-resistance, and 4-Hour fire rating, safeguarding health and safety of patients and healthcare providers.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Sound reduction and stable indoor temperatures and humidity, ensuring maximum comfort for building occupants.

Storm Safety
FEMA hurricane and tornado-rated, successfully tested to withstand debris impact speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, providing critical protection.

Energy Efficiency
Continuous insulation, thermal mass, and tighter building envelope resulting in long-term energy savings.



Bautex Blocks helped Dr. Nguyen and Texas Surgical Dermatology create an appealing, functional space that exceeds modern building requirements and the latest building codes. All of this means Dr. Nguyen has a safer, quieter, and healthier building for his patients and employees. His patients and visitors have described the building as “elegant, calming, refined, relaxing, classy, and beautiful.”

Project Info

Project Name: Texas Surgical Dermatology PA
: Spring, Texas
Building Type
: Medical Office
: 1
Square Feet
: 8,289
: 2016

Project Team

General Contractor: J.A. Greene Construction Services, LLC
Installer: GWS Services Inc.
Architect: CDA Architects
Structural Engineer:ASA Dally Structural Engineers
Bautex Wall System Engineer: Outlier Engineering, Inc.