Rio Grande Valley Credit Union

Energy Efficient & Resilient Bank Headquarters Expansion

The Opportunity

Rio Grande Val­ley Cred­it Union pur­chased an exist­ing bank build­ing in Har­lin­gen, Texas to ren­o­vate and expand for use as the company’s pri­ma­ry head­quar­ters loca­tion. Mis­sy Mor­row, CEO of RGV Cred­it Union, was pri­mar­i­ly inter­est­ed in long-term dura­bil­i­ty and occu­pant safe­ty giv­en the cli­mate and hur­ri­cane threat that exists in Har­lin­gen.

In the ever more com­pet­i­tive field of bank­ing she also want­ed a build­ing was extreme­ly com­fort­able to both cus­tomers and employ­ees.


Key Design Features

The project team was on a fast sched­ule giv­en the nature of the busi­ness and the owner’s desire to open for busi­ness quick­ly with min­i­mal inter­rup­tion for cus­tomers. The exist­ing 2,950 square foot build­ing was con­struct­ed of con­crete mason­ry units (CMU), brick and stuc­co.

The 2,750 square foot addi­tion was con­struct­ed using the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem for all exte­ri­or walls. Wall heights in the Bau­tex por­tion of the project var­ied from 14 to 18 feet tall.

Troy Pelias of the archi­tec­tur­al firm TGS Archi­tects of Dal­las spec­i­fied the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem based on its abil­i­ty to meet the owner’s require­ments for the project. The wall sys­tem also con­tributes to low­er ener­gy bills and main­te­nance costs in the long-term for the own­ers.


Long-Term Durability
Sol­id cav­i­ty-less insu­lat­ed con­crete walls will not degrade over time in this hot-humid inland coastal envi­ron­ment.

Energy Efficiency
Con­tin­u­ous insu­la­tion, ther­mal mass, and tighter build­ing enve­lope result­ing in long-term ener­gy sav­ings.

FEMA hur­ri­cane and tor­na­do-rat­ed, suc­cess­ful­ly test­ed to with­stand debris impact speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, pro­vid­ing crit­i­cal pro­tec­tion.

Speed of Construction
Bau­tex walls on the addi­tion were installed and poured in just over a week which sig­nif­i­cant­ly accel­er­at­ed the con­struc­tion sched­ule and move-in date.



Once con­struc­tion start­ed, The Bau­tex walls were com­plet­ed in just over a week. This allowed the project to move quick­ly to install the safe, roof and exte­ri­or fin­ish­es in just three weeks. The Rio Grande Val­ley Cred­it Union build­ing is also now qui­eter, more ener­gy effi­cient and fire resis­tant. The archi­tects also appre­ci­at­ed that with Bau­tex, they didn’t have to redesign the walls to meet the lat­est build­ing codes.

Project Info

Project Name: Rio Grande Val­ley Cred­it Union
: Har­lin­gen, Texas
Building Type
: Bank Branch and Offices
: 1
Building SF
: 2,950 Ren­o­va­tion and 2,750 Addi­tion
: 2016

Project Team

Owner: Rio Grande Val­ley Cred­it Union
General Contractor: PhaseOne Design Builders, LP
Bautex Installer: RGV Alliance Con­struc­tion, LLC
Architect: TGS Archi­tects, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Click Engi­neer­ing