Rio Grande Valley Credit Union

Energy Efficient & Resilient Bank Headquarters Expansion

The Opportunity

Rio Grande Valley Credit Union purchased an existing bank building in Harlingen, Texas to renovate and expand for use as the company’s primary headquarters location. Missy Morrow, CEO of RGV Credit Union, was primarily interested in long-term durability and occupant safety given the climate and hurricane threat that exists in Harlingen.

In the ever more competitive field of banking she also wanted a building was extremely comfortable to both customers and employees.


Key Design Features

The project team was on a fast schedule given the nature of the business and the owner’s desire to open for business quickly with minimal interruption for customers. The existing 2,950 square foot building was constructed of concrete masonry units (CMU), brick and stucco.

The 2,750 square foot addition was constructed using the Bautex Wall System for all exterior walls. Wall heights in the Bautex portion of the project varied from 14 to 18 feet tall.

Troy Pelias of the architectural firm TGS Architects of Dallas specified the Bautex Wall System based on its ability to meet the owner’s requirements for the project. The wall system also contributes to lower energy bills and maintenance costs in the long-term for the owners.


Long-Term Durability
Solid cavity-less insulated concrete walls will not degrade over time in this hot-humid inland coastal environment.

Energy Efficiency
Continuous insulation, thermal mass, and tighter building envelope resulting in long-term energy savings.

FEMA hurricane and tornado-rated, successfully tested to withstand debris impact speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, providing critical protection.

Speed of Construction
Bautex walls on the addition were installed and poured in just over a week which significantly accelerated the construction schedule and move-in date.



Once construction started, The Bautex walls were completed in just over a week. This allowed the project to move quickly to install the safe, roof and exterior finishes in just three weeks. The Rio Grande Valley Credit Union building is also now quieter, more energy efficient and fire resistant. The architects also appreciated that with Bautex, they didn’t have to redesign the walls to meet the latest building codes.

Project Info

Project Name: Rio Grande Valley Credit Union
: Harlingen, Texas
Building Type
: Bank Branch and Offices
: 1
Building SF
: 2,950 Renovation and 2,750 Addition
: 2016

Project Team

Owner: Rio Grande Valley Credit Union
General Contractor: PhaseOne Design Builders, LP
Bautex Installer: RGV Alliance Construction, LLC
Architect: TGS Architects, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Click Engineering