Isla Blanca Park - Dolphin Cove

Durable and Resilient Construction for Modern Coastal Park Facility

The Opportunity

Isla Blanca Park sits at the very south­ern­most tip of South Padre Island, Texas less than 10 miles from where the Rio Grande River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The park is the most popular park des­ti­na­tion in Cameron County with over 1 million visitors per year. Isla Blanca is a perennial Top 10 Texas beach” according to USA Today. The Dolphin Cove mul­ti­pur­pose building and pavilion was designed to host theater art, music, school, and band concerts events to the area. The con­struc­tion of Dolphin Cove was the first step in a multi-year ren­o­va­tion and expansion program for Isla Blanca Park. 

Con­sid­er­ing the public use of the building, salt exposure from the ocean, and the ongoing risk of hur­ri­canes, the project team at Gignac Archi­tects focused on balancing dura­bil­i­ty and resilien­cy with keeping the project within budget. 

Key Design Features

The Bautex Wall System was selected for all of the exterior walls of the building with the exception of the large glass sections at the front. Bautex was also used on several interior walls to provide addi­tion­al struc­tur­al capacity for the building. The walls were coated with the Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier and then finished with StuccoMax Exterior Wall Finish and paint. 

  • Bautex walls are the primary load bearing system for the building.
  • Two of the interior Bautex walls were designed and built to create moment frames that provide the entire lateral (shear) resis­tance for the structure.
  • Designed and con­struct­ed for highest wind zone (Seaward).
  • Solid mono­lith­ic walls without organic materials or wall cavities prevents moisture and mold problems in this hot-humid climate.
  • Abuse-resistant magnesium-oxide cement based stucco finish system for impact resis­tance and long term dura­bil­i­ty in hash environment.


Fast Con­struc­tion
Using the Bautex Wall System accel­er­at­ed con­struc­tion by allowing a single con­trac­tor to build the struc­tur­al walls in one mobilization.

Struc­tur­al Sim­plic­i­ty
Bautex was able to provide all of the struc­tur­al require­ments for the building which sim­pli­fied both design and construction.

Energy Effi­cien­cy
Con­tin­u­ous insu­la­tion, thermal mass, and tighter building envelope resulting in long-term energy savings.

Dura­bil­i­ty & Low Main­te­nance
Resilient materials that are mold-resistant, low-main­te­nance, storm-safe and 4‑hour fire rated protect this important community asset.

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Bautex proved to be the most cost-effective and fastest way to build the Dolphin Cove building con­sid­er­ing the harsh coastal envi­ron­ments and the county’s desire for a long service life. Spec­i­fy­ing Bautex sim­pli­fied the archi­tec­tur­al design and allowed the struc­tur­al engineer to fully rely on the wall system to achieve the loadings required for the project. Dolphin Cove is the first of several buildings in Isla Blanca Park that are utilizing the Bautex Wall System. 

Project Info

Project Name: Dolphin Cove at Isla Blanca Park
Location: South Padre Island, Texas
Building Type
: Mul­ti­pur­pose Building & Pavillion
Stories: 1 
Building SF
: 9,500
: 2018

Project Team

Owner: Cameron County Parks and Recre­ation
Architect: Gignac Archi­tects
General Con­trac­tor: Noble Texas Builders
Bautex Installer: RGV Alliance Con­struc­tion, LLC
Struc­tur­al Engineer: Halff Asso­ciates, Inc.
Bautex Wall System Engineer: 13th LV Struc­tur­al Engineers, PLLC