Austin Regional Clinic

Designing Medical Offices for a Better Patient Experience

The Opportunity

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) is a premiere medical service provider in Central Texas with a goal to deliver better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. ARC understands that the workplace environments they create have a huge impact on achieving positive outcomes. Patients now have more choices about how and where they receive their care. This makes the clinic building an even more important part of their business.

Key Design Features

Architect Neel Morton specified the Bautex Wall System in order to provide a healthier and safer indoor environment for patients. Consistent long-term performance with reduced maintenance and repair costs were also key selection factors.

Bautex was used for a majority of the exterior walls on both floors, with a final height just over 32 feet tall. The Bautex walls were integrated with several structural steel features in the building, demonstrating the speed, flexibility and efficiency of installing the Bautex Wall System.

The Bautex Wall System was also used to reduce construction time and costs over conventional multi-layer wall systems. The system provided the energy efficient continuous insulation as required by the latest codes. This level of insulation is an integral part of the Bautex Block and is included at no extra cost. The high-performance fluid applied Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier was used throughout the project on both Bautex Block, and, in several other areas, over conventional sheathing. Full-width stone and abuse-resistant exterior and interior wall finish systems were utilized to complete the project.


Customer Experience
Quiet interior spaces and quality building construction and finishes give patients and employees a premium experience.

Employee & Patient Comfort
Stable indoor temperatures, low humidity, good air quality, and quiet indoor environment keep building occupants extremely comfortable in all seasons.

Energy Efficiency
Continuous insulation, thermal mass, and tighter building envelope resulting in long-term energy savings.

Durability & Low Maintenance
Resilient materials that are mold-resistant, low-maintenance, storm-safe and 4-hour fire rated protect patients and healthcare providers.



Successful Innovation from Day One. “We pride ourselves on being innovative and doing things outside the box at ARC. It just felt like the right thing to do, an opportunity to be first as far as working with Bautex for a medical facility. It just fits with our overall mission,” said Carlton Inniss, Senior Director of Clinical Operations for ARC. This new facility in Cedar Park is going to be an asset for ARC, its staff members, and their patients for the next half century and even longer.

Project Info

Project Name: Austin Regional Clinic Cedar Park
Location: Cedar Park, Texas
Building Type
: Primary Care Medical Clinic
Stories: 2
Building SF
: 20,287
: 2016

Project Team

Owner: Kemp Properties
Tenant: Austin Regional Clinic
Architect: Neel Morton Offfice of Architecture
General Contractor: Austin Canyon Corporation
Bautex Installer: Whitetail Construction, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Jaster Quintanilla & Associates, Inc.
Bautex Wall System Engineer: Outlier Engineering, Inc.