The Bautex Advantage – Step 2 - Assess

The Bautex Advantage is a 5‑step proven process that is designed to ensure that we under­stand the needs and goals of every project team member and enable us to provide the necessary support to make each member of the project team suc­cess­ful using our solutions.

Bautex advantage

The Bautex Advantage – Step 2 ASSESS

In this step, we work with you to assess the technical, economic and long-term benefits of Bautex products and services for your con­struc­tion project. Our focus during this phase is:

Goals and Objectives

Once pre­lim­i­nary infor­ma­tion about your project has been shared and the key decision-makers have been iden­ti­fied, a meeting is set for each member of the project team. Our team will sit down with you to discuss all the require­ments and needs for your project. 

We will connect with each project team member to review the project and discuss how Bautex provides the best alter­na­tive for the exterior wall system. We also conduct a needs analysis and identify the objec­tives and pain points for each team member.

Technical Analysis

We will then present the oppor­tu­ni­ty to the Bautex Technical Services team to review and assess the design to confirm that Bautex is a viable solution, and then optimize the Bautex solution to meet the needs of the team. In this step, we utilize our design & con­struc­tion expertise to analyze Bautex fit on the project. This is also when any issues are raised and solutions are presented to the team.

Value Engineering

Once our value propo­si­tion is under­stood, we work with all team members to assess that all technical design issues have been resolved. We then confirm that Bautex is the optimal solution and is cost-effective for this project. 

However, if Bautex isn’t the optimal solution, this is when we’ll offer up different solutions and also look for ways to optimize the overall design, even going beyond the exterior wall structure provided by Bautex. The goal in this step is to make sure Bautex is providing the greatest value to the project possible.

Project Evaluation

Our next step in the assess­ment is where we work with each project team member to under­stand their goals and needs, as well as gain the com­mit­ment of all to design with us. The goal here is to help the project team to under­stand the Bautex value propo­si­tion, and to under­stand the Bautex Advantage and its benefits in driving the project towards success. 

Next, we col­lab­o­rate to develop building design and con­struc­tion plans that drive value for all stakeholders.

Austin Regional Clinic – Cedar Park

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A great example of the benefit that our Bautex Advantage provides and ensures the project success is on the Austin Regional Clinic project in Cedar Park, Texas. During the project eval­u­a­tion step in this project, the project team called on Bautex Technical Services team to review and assess the design. Our team confirmed that Bautex was the optimal and cost-effective solution allowing the project to move forward to suc­cess­ful completion.

Our Proven Process

The Bautex Advantage, our proven process, was developed over years of direct expe­ri­ence in sup­port­ing all members of project teams in the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of their projects. This process gives everyone on the project team pre­dictable action steps with clear goals and mile­stones, ensuring suc­cess­ful imple­men­ta­tion for all. Our process has been refined, perfected and cul­ti­vat­ed to the point where we have built all of our internal processes around it and is now deeply rooted within the culture of Bautex. It is who we are.

You’re Not Alone

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This proven imple­men­ta­tion process makes eval­u­a­tion, design and con­struc­tion as simple and efficient as possible. It is important to us that you recognize that Bautex is more than an inno­v­a­tive building materials manufacturer. 

We are built from the ground-up to provide support to all project team members for the duration of every building project. We become a trusted resource and a powerful addition to your team in order to drive more value for your clients and your business. The reason why we created this proven process is to help you become more prof­itable, save you time and reduce your risk, while also providing your clients with better buildings that are built on-time and within budget. 

Next month we will be taking a deeper dive into Step 3 of The Bautex Advantage in relation to existing projects, and discuss how having Bautex as an integral part of the project team has helped on completed projects and can help you simplify con­struc­tion while saving you time and money.

If you have an early stage project in the works and would like to under­stand more about this process, click below and we will take you through this process and show you how to save time and money today!