Bautex Project Updates: Texas Parks and Wildlife CCA Marine Development Center

About the CCA Marine Development Center: Designing for a Challenging Environment

The CCA Marine Development Center in Corpus Christi houses the first state operated hatchery and visitor center and is considered “one of the best kept secrets in Texas.”

The center produces red drum and spotted seatrout for stock enhancement in the Texas Bay area and offers tours to visitors from around the world. When Atkins Global was tasked with building a new hatchery, designers knew there would be several construction challenges for the project.

The new hatchery would be used to house large seawater-filled larval culture tanks. Because of the seawater, the indoor environment would be harsh and corrosive, so one of the design requirements was to have no exposed metal in the walls or roof.

Additionally, the hatchery’s location on the Texas coast presented another challenge to the design team: windstorm protection. Because of the impact from storms over the last few years, designs built to withstand high winds and debris impact from hurricanes and tropical storms is in high demand in the region.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Coastal Structures

To meet the new center’s multiple design challenges, Atkins Global called on Bautex. Bautex provided a simple, fast and cost-effective system to meet the facility’s windstorm, corrosion-resistance and efficiency demands.

Concrete walls are a logical choice for design, but the cost of insulated sandwich panels exceeded the project’s budget. The Bautex Block provided the Center an integrated solution: the structure, insulation, and enclosure act as a single product and are installed by a single trade. It provides all the benefits and performance of much higher-costing systems at a traditional building system cost, saving the project money.

Having stood strong against Hurricane Harvey last year, the Bautex Wall System had the proven strength to withstand high winds and the tested durability to withstand debris impact. The Bautex walls on the hatchery will give the structure decades of strength and protection against windstorm events.

The system’s insulation and thermal mass work together to deliver highly energy-efficient walls that will not deteriorate over time. Unlike traditional insulating products that perform differently depending on the area’s climate and degrade over time, the insulation is encapsulated in the block. This ensures decades of high-thermal performance, even in the hot-humid Corpus Christi climate.

A Construction Solution That Saves Money and Time

In early April, crews started stacking Bautex Block for the Center in Corpus Christi. The complete wall assembly will be done in May. This allows the hollow core plank roof system to be installed right away, shortening the overall schedule of the project.

Not only will the walls go up quickly, but the integration of other structural components and roof assemblies is simple with Bautex walls. The technical services team at Bautex worked with the architect, engineer, and other manufacturers to develop the right connection details.

The challenges faced by the design team could have been met with more expensive and complicated wall systems, along with multiple trades and components, however, the Bautex Wall System was the ideal solution for the Marine Development Center, saving the project money and time.

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