Texas Architects Have a Unique Opportunity to Innovate

There’s a new a new standard of luxury vehicle every year, and a new smartphone every six months, and a new popular social media platform at what can seem like a weekly rate. With so many technological innovations coming to market at such an unprecedented rate, it’s truly astounding that modern construction technology is not being advanced at the same speed. In fact, the rate of innovation for building materials remains stuck in a 15- to 20-year cycle. This is the result of an industry that is historically conservative by nature. With so many different stakeholders involved like architects, engineers, contractors, and owners, it becomes very difficult to not only do the innovating, but to adopt new technologies as well.

The Type of Innovation We Do See

When innovation does appear in the A/E/C community, it often comes in the form of very minor improvements to existing technologies. Instead of something new, it is a mere extension of the same limited technology that came before. With this being the trend, now is the perfect time for more ambitious companies to pounce and to dominate the construction market with something completely unique.

These are the companies who will successfully disrupt the status quo and offer a product or service completely unlike anything that has been used over the past 50 years. The A/E/C community will be left to decide whether they will accept these breakthroughs and move construction forward with better results, or miss the opportunity and be stuck in their old ways of doing things, and eventually fall behind more effective solutions. It will be the fast-actors who will gain a substantial advantage over their competitors by using objectively better building materials and systems.

The Bautex Block

Bautex walls are constructed with a revolutionary block. The Bautex Block is made of a lightweight foam plastic-cement composite that gives architects, builders and contractors a higher performing, stronger, and simpler-to-install wall system that meets the latest codes.

As they are already insulated, these blocks allow builders to quickly construct durable, fire-rated, noise-reducing, and storm-resistant buildings from a single integrated wall assembly. The Bautex Wall System is installed by a single trade and provides structure, enclosure, and insulation in one step, which simplifies and speeds up the construction process.

The benefits one can expect from using Bautex Blocks on their buildings are faster construction, greater energy efficiency and cost savings, quieter and healthier buildings, fewer air and moisture problems, lower maintenance costs, and long-term durability and resiliency.

The Time to Innovate is Now

While the construction industry has been traditionally very slow to innovate, the performance demands that owners and building codes require continue to increase at a fast pace. Expecting to meet these growing challenges utilizing small incremental improvements to existing technologies is not practical or realistic. In addition, attempts to streamline and optimize the supply chain of previous-generation building systems may reduce costs, but will ultimately fail to meet the performance goals for buildings that the market is demanding today.

Bautex is currently offering Texas architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners a unique opportunity to do their part in the innovation value chain. With true innovation in construction technology coming at such long intervals, it would be imprudent to not take Bautex’s revolutionary building technology into consideration on your next construction project. This is the chance for leaders in the Texas A/E/C community to become fluent users of a building system that will give them a significant competitive advantage in an already very competitive marketplace.