Steps to Get a Fast Start Building Using Bautex

Starting and com­plet­ing your next project in a timely manner requires a lot of careful planning. One way to help your project succeed is to choose inno­v­a­tive building solutions that will benefit all teams involved in the process. 

To help your project stay on the fast track, select products that simplify design, make con­struc­tion faster, save money and enhance the building’s per­for­mance. Bautex is a company focused on devel­op­ing building systems and products that provide these exact benefits. 

The Bautex Wall System is an insulated, struc­tur­al wall system that sim­pli­fies con­struc­tion, accel­er­ates schedules, lowers costs and increases building per­for­mance compared to tra­di­tion­al wall assemblies. 

Bautex also offers many types of technical support and training for their products to keep your project on track through­out all phases of design and con­struc­tion. Let’s learn more about what makes the Bautex Wall System an ideal solution to give your project a fast start that is both cost-effective and successful.

How the Bautex Wall System Works

The Bautex Wall System is a complete structure + envelope solution in a single, inte­grat­ed system that can be installed quickly and effi­cient­ly by a single trade. Bautex Blocks are forms that create a grid of concrete columns and beams.

The blocks stay in place after the concrete is poured inside to become both the enclosure and insu­la­tion for the building. A fluid-applied air and moisture barrier is installed after the concrete is poured to complete the system.


When compared to tra­di­tion­al building solutions (like wooden frames), the Bautex Wall System offers all the benefits you need to work effi­cient­ly, save time through­out many steps and decrease costs:

  • Fewer Materials: A simple, inte­grat­ed wall system requires fewer materials and components.
  • Fewer Trades: The exterior wall is completed using one system in one stream­lined con­struc­tion process.
  • Less Labor: Exterior walls con­struct­ed by a single trade can be done quickly with less labor and without the need for spe­cial­ized skills.
  • Faster Schedules: Get dried-in” quicker with stream­lined processes, shorter schedules and reduced delays.
  • Sim­pli­fied Process: A less com­pli­cat­ed design leads to less labor required and reduced warranty reworks.

Installing the Bautex Wall System

Installing bautex wall system


Installing the Bautex Wall System can be done in four easy steps. Yes, con­struct­ing this wall system really is as easy as it sounds. 

1. Place Blocks: Blocks are laid end-to-end, starting from the corners, and glued together to provide stability until the cores are filled with concrete and the blocks are per­ma­nent­ly locked into place.

2. Install Rebar: Rebar is installed into the hor­i­zon­tal cores of the block as each course is placed, while vertical bars are installed after the top course of the wall is placed. Bars are centered in the cores and secured with rebar chairs and tie wire.

3. Pour Concrete: Concrete is poured in the walls once blocks reach a floor, roof or planned inter­me­di­ate pour height.

4. Apply Air and Moisture Barrier: After walls are poured and the roof is on the building, the last step is to install a fluid-applied air and moisture barrier directly to the exterior of the Bautex Block.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

The Bautex Wall system works well with a number of exterior and interior finishing options, making it an easy and versatile building solution for your next project.

IMG 3786

Exterior Finishes: Stucco, Masonry, Panel and Siding

Bautex’s StuccoMax™ is a mineral-based exterior stucco that provides sig­nif­i­cant­ly higher water, impact and abrasion resis­tance than tra­di­tion­al or synthetic stucco systems. StuccoMax installs quickly in one coat over most wall sub­strates. It is the most ideal option for this wall system, speeding up instal­la­tion time and helping to improve the longevity of the building.

Interior Finishes: Plaster and Drywall

Bautex’s Plas­ter­Max™ is an extremely hard, mineral-based interior plaster that goes on using a one coat, two-pass instal­la­tion process and is highly resistant to abrasion and other abuse. A great option for high traffic and use building spaces, Plas­ter­Max is a popular choice for com­mer­cial and insti­tu­tion­al buildings, as well as multi-family housing

Electrical and Plumbing Considerations

There are several options available for installing conduits, pipes and fixtures. The first two inches of the entire face of a Bautex Block wall (both inside and outside) are made of the EPS-Cement composite material that is easy to cut and carve using wood cutting tools.

  • Recessed: Plumbing and elec­tri­cal elements under two inches in diameter can be recessed and glued into scored channels cut out of the block insulation.
  • Inside Chase of Furred-Out Wall: Plumbing and elec­tri­cal elements over two inches or where future relo­ca­tion or additions are more likely, it is best to build a chasing by installing drywall on furring channels.
  • Through-wall Pen­e­tra­tions: Through-wall pen­e­tra­tions can be made through the full 10-inch deep sections of insu­la­tion that occur through­out the Bautex wall every 16 inches in every direction.

Training Programs for Installation

The Bautex Wall System can be suc­cess­ful­ly installed by several trades including framers, masons, concrete crews and con­trac­tors’ in-house or general-purpose crews. Any trades with expe­ri­ence building struc­tur­al walls of any kind can be suc­cess­ful with Bautex. No specialty equipment, training or cer­ti­fi­ca­tions are required to get started.

General con­trac­tors have the freedom to choose the trade that is best suited for each project given timing, location, building type and other project-specific factors. Con­trac­tors and their trades can also receive direct training and support from the experts at Bautex.

Bautex Installation Course


The Bautex instal­la­tion training course teaches your team the general rules and shortcuts that will help projects move quickly and effi­cient­ly to com­ple­tion. This training program is held regularly on the third Friday of each month in San Marcos, Texas.

This program is ideal for: 

  • Project Managers
  • Site Super­in­ten­dents
  • Pre-Con­struc­tion Managers
  • Esti­ma­tors
  • Sub­con­trac­tor Foremen and Tradesmen

There is also the option to have our training experts come to you for remote on-site training. Click here for more infor­ma­tion about Bautex’s training programs. You can also contact a member of the Builder Support Team online by filling out this form.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to build with Bautex, we will be here to help you through each step of the process. To learn more about the Bautex Wall System and sign up for builder training, contact our Con­trac­tor Support Team.