Speed up Your New Home Construction with These Tips

Speeding up new construction is achievable with detailed planning, qualified professionals, and the utilization of innovative building techniques. Early completion of a project saves both time and money. The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) reports that in 2017 it took a contractor about 8.1 months to build (start of construction to completion) a single-family home. An owner built home took about 11.2 months.

Over the past 50 years, construction times for new homes have nearly doubled. Some situations that cause costly delays cannot be avoided, like the weather. However, preventing most delays and speeding up construction is possible with well detailed designs, professional execution of the project, and selection of time-saving products like the Bautex Wall System.

Detailed Planning is Critical to Home Construction Time Management

A homebuilder can save time and money by completing a detailed construction plan. Importantly, homebuilders should avoid changing the plan once construction begins. Changing a home’s design or material choices often adds both time and cost to the project.

Four Planning Tips to Quicken New Home Construction

Tip 1: Have all permits in place before beginning construction. Complications often happen during the process of obtaining a permit. If construction is already underway, a delay in a permit will disrupt the building schedule.

Tip 2: The design of a new home can significantly reduce construction time. A simple, well-planned design of a newly built home shortens construction time, reduces building materials, and saves money. For example:

  • Building a plain, box house, with limited exterior corners and complex roof lines, will reduce construction time and save on building materials and money.
  • Building up, which creates a smaller roof and foundation, also saves time and money.
  • Another time and money saving tip for designing a home is to line up the walls and plumbing floor to floor.

Tip 3: Preparing a budget, and sticking to it, are critical to preventing time delays of a construction project. If money runs short due to overspending, the contractor can’t purchase the materials or pay the crews, which can shut a project down for weeks, months, or all together.

Tip 4: A good contractor will utilize accounting software for construction companies. It helps contractors accurately price a project and ensure money is secure before beginning the project. Proper financial planning is essential to prevent construction delays.

Highly Qualified Construction Professionals are Essential to Home Construction Time Management

Avoiding expensive delays is one of the most critical responsibilities of a home construction manager. A building professional that is expert in their field will limit chances of shoddy workmanship that will require expensive repairs and extend construction time. Ensuring completion of a home construction project in a timely manner requires an organized, knowledgeable contractor with an excellent reputation.

Three Tips for Selecting a Qualified Home Builder

Tip 1: Hire the best home builder in your community. A well-established local builder will have many nearby qualified subcontractors and suppliers, which will limit costly travel delays that often occur when using out-of-town crews and materials for construction projects.

Tip 2: Hire a project manager that knows his or her crew’s capabilities and can ensure the team is available on the scheduled day with enough time to complete the project professionally. A less qualified manager may take on too many projects, leaving their crews overbooked causing them to rush between job sites. Ultimately, the quality of the work declines, followed by project delays. A project manager must ensure their crew gives a project the professional expertise required to complete construction of a house promptly.

Tip 3: It is critical that a project manager know building regulations and city codes. A lack of understanding is sure to put a home construction project behind schedule.

Bautex Wall System - an Innovative Method for Quick New Home Construction

The Bautex Wall System combines strength, fire resistance, and the lightweight, insulative properties of foam in a single, easy-to-install unit that makes new home construction simpler and faster. The entire Bautex Wall is installed quickly and efficiently by one trade, versus wood-frame walls which require several trades. Also, Bautex installation is faster because it has fewer steps than CMU or wood-frame.

The Bautex Wall System also ensures an energy efficient home that exceeds the latest building codes with a continuous R-value of R-14 (350% higher insulating value than 2x4 wood frame with R-13 cavity insulation)

Additionally, the Bautex Wall Systems is noise reducing and storm-resistant and has an ASTM E119 fire rating of four hours with ASTM E84 values for flame speed of zero and smoke development of twenty. Importantly, the Bautex Wall System is easy to install and saves time and money when building a new home.

There are unexpected events that can delay a home construction project. However, some things can improve the chances of staying on time and even speeding the construction process up when building a new home. Specifically, quick home construction requires meticulous planning, the use of high-quality building professionals and selection of time-saving products like the Bautex Wall System.

Please visit Bautex™ Wall Systems for more information on speeding up new home construction.