Solutions for Residential Builders: Finding the Best Wood-Frame Alternative

Residential builders have a few alternatives when it comes to wood-frame construction.

But what many builders actually want in a wood-frame alternative is a commercial-grade, cost-effective, proven solution that fits the needs and standards of 21st century homeowners.

For the modern builder, the answer to many of these challenges is simpler than most might think. Additionally, alternatives to wood-framed homes can offer more benefits than homeowners realize.

Smart, Cost-Effective Home Construction

Alternatives to wood-framing come in a few different options, but few are as proven and cost-effective as insulated concrete block.

The Bautex Block and the Bautex wall system has been used to build homes with price tags ranging from $200,000 to over a million dollars. Builders can integrate the Bautex wall system into any style of residential home they want to build.

In fact, on average, a Bautex home costs the homeowner only $16 more per month to build. Additionally, resale values for such high-performance homes have been proven to be 6-10% higher than standard homes. In other words, homeowners can be confident that their investment will pay off for years to come.

More Comfortable Homes

Building with a continuously insulated wall system like Bautex means you’ll deliver a home that exceeds homeowner expectations when it comes to comfort.

A home built with insulated concrete block is healthier for occupants than a traditional wood-frame home. Wood-framing means the structure is more vulnerable to moisture inside the wall cavities, which can lead to the growth of mold.

Wood-frame homes may also contain chemicals, adhesives and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that compromise indoor air quality. Framing a home with ICF and ICB are healthier choices because they are better insulated, easier to air seal, and not susceptible to rot and mold.

Additionally, a home built with ICB is proven to shelter its residents from excessive noise pollution by maintaining a sound-reducing barrier. In fact, the Bautex wall system received high Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class ratings, and even meets American National Standards Institute criteria for sound transmission in school buildings.

Versatile Solutions for Any Design

Building with a more durable and cost-effective system like Bautex has a host of benefits, no matter what a homeowner’s dream home might look like.

Design Flexibility

Builders benefit from the capabilities of an ICB like the Bautex Block. Even the most complex designs are simple to construct, and the blocks can be easily modified on site using conventional tools. Owners have complete freedom to design the style of home they are looking for, without compromise.


When you choose a system like Bautex, you use fewer building materials and reduce the consumption of energy over the life of the building. A Bautex home is also healthier, safer, and more comfortable which helps to sustain quality of life for occupants.

Durable Materials

The Bautex block comes in one highly durable form, capable of creating one of the strongest concrete wall systems on the market. It can be specified for projects that require fire endurance ratings as high as four hours, and is a listed fire-rated assembly.


The Bautex Wall System provides a proven level of home protection that’s unbeatable, especially in extreme weather events. In fact, using Bautex can help homeowners meet insurance requirements for buildings located in hurricane and tornado prone areas of the United States.

Build Safer, Stronger Homes With a Proven Solution

Homeowners today have alternatives to wood-frame construction, but none of those solutions will perform like Bautex.

Let us help you elevate your residential projects. Contact us today to find out how our cost-effective, high-performance wall system can improve the way you build homes.