5 Reasons to Build a Small, Green, and Eco-Friendly Home

A small eco-friendly house built with the Bautex Block System is healthy, energy-efficient, and durable. A small house designed with Bautex Blocks is also good for the environment and saves money by reducing construction time.

A small eco-friendly house allows today’s homeowners to live green in style. A thoughtfully designed small green home considers the occupant's health and comfort. However, other critical goals of a small, energy-efficient and sustainable home are to reduce its impact on the environment and lessen a homeowner’s expenses. A carefully designed and built small and stylish eco-friendly home is healthy, energy-efficient, durable, good for the environment, and quick and easy to construct.

Five Reasons to Build a Small Eco-Friendly Home

1. Small Green Home Designs Protect a Family’s Health

Small green home designs are healthy for families because they utilize products that are moisture-resistant and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). Moisture resistance is crucial to preventing the growth of mold. Mold is a problem because inhaling or touching it may cause allergic and asthmatic reactions in some people. VOCs are dangerous to the occupants of a home they can damage kidney, liver and central nervous systems. VOCs also can cause nose, eye and throat irritations, headaches, and nausea to the occupants of a home. Eco-friendly homes ensure the health of the occupants by utilizing products like the Bautex Wall System, that is moisture-resistant and lacks VOCs.

2. Small Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Homes Save Money

Small eco-friendly homes are energy-efficient and sustainable. They also save homeowners energy and money over time.

  • Small sustainable homes save money with renewable energy sources like solar panels, photovoltaic cells or geothermal heating.
  • Small eco houses save energy and money by utilizing Energy Star appliances, metal roofing, tankless water heaters, and high thermal mass products that produce a tight building envelope, like the Bautex Wall System.

The Bautex Wall System is a superb, high thermal mass product that will produce a tight building envelope for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient small home. The Bautex system meets the thermal performance mandated by the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Codes (IBC) and gives a high-level of continuous insulation (R-14) that prevents the flow of heat by convection, conduction, and radiation.

3. Small, Green Homes have Long-Term Durability

The use of durable, long-lasting construction products for small sustainable houses saves homeowners both money and time. Durable materials also increase the resilience of a home against termites and natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires; which saves homeowners money and time by lessening maintenance and repairs to their homes. A superior durable construction product for a small sustainable home is the Bautex Wall System,

  • Bautex Blocks are durable because they are moisture-resistant and not susceptible to wood rot, which diminishes the integrity of a home and results in costly repairs.
  • Bautex Blocks are resilient against winds of 250 mile-per-hour and can withstand wind-borne debris with little to no structural damage. The strength and durability of Bautex Blocks construction protect both the occupants and home from extreme weather and natural disasters. Bautex Wall System meets the FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 guidelines in storm zones with possible wind speeds up to 250 miles per hour. The Bautex system also meets ICC-500 and FEMA standards for debris impact.
  • Bautex insulated concrete block walls are fire resistant. The Bautex Wall System has an ASTM E119 fire rating of four-hours (twice the two-hour requirement), and an ASTM E84 value for flame speed of zero and smoke development of twenty. Because the blocks meet the E84 and NFPA 286 they meet the NFPA 101 code.
  • Bautex Blocks are termite-resistant because they lack the organic material, which the pests eat.

4. Small, Energy-Efficient Homes Reduce Environmental Impact

A small, sustainable house design is good for the environment because it utilizes energy-efficient and durable products, like the Bautex Wall System. Energy-efficient products use less energy and therefore generate fewer carbon dioxide emissions, a known cause of global warming. Durable products are good for the environment because they extend or eliminate replacement, which reduces waste to the landfill.

5. Small Green Home Designs Save on Construction Time

Building a small eco house reduces construction time by buying locally, utilizing products that hasten construction, like Bautex Blocks, and reducing on-site hours.

  • Buying locally produced materials quickens availability and reliability of materials. Other advantages of purchasing local product are it supports small businesses, keeps money in the local economy, and reduces the home's carbon footprint by minimizing fuel used in shipping.
  • The use of Bautex™ Wall System will quicken new eco-friendly home construction because Bautex combines strength, fire resistance, and the lightweight, insulative properties of foam in a single, easy-to-install unit.
  • Because of its size, a small green home design lessons on-site construction and final finishing hours, which further saves new homeowners money.

Homeowners that want to lessen their monthly bills, ensure their health and comfort, and reduce their impact on the environment should consider an eco-friendly home, like one built with Bautex Wall System. A green, sustainable home built with Bautex Blocks is healthy, energy-efficient, durable, good for the environment, and lessens construction time.