Q&A with Tony Rubio, ARM Construction

Working with Bautex at Sea Scout Base

Tony Rubio, owner of ARM Construction in Houston, brought his 30+ years of construction experience to the job at Sea Scout Base Galveston, where his team laid Bautex Block to provide the building envelope and interior walls for a new dormitory. He sends crews across Texas for commercial construction projects including new construction and remodeling. Rubio admits that he wasn’t sure about building with Bautex Block at first, and now, he says, “I want to build my retirement home with it. We like it. Whenever a project comes up, we’ll bid it.”

What makes you a fan of Bautex Block?

We figured out how to work with it and it went up pretty fast. We know how to cut it, brace walls where it’s needed, create corners and all that. It was easy to work with.

I also liked the energy efficiency. We could feel the difference between the rooms where the Bautex Block was up as we worked on the building. It was winter and cold, but in the interior rooms where we had all Bautex walls, it was comfortable.

The Sea Scout project got a lot of recognition. What makes you proud of your work?

My reputation for getting jobs done well. It is my only weapon. We like to work hard and get it done right. We’re working on a 3-story building in Katy right now, all concrete work, framing, shell and finishes. We’ve also worked on a lot of medical offices, including remodeling Texas Children's clinics throughout Houston.