Q&A with San Antonio-based Architect Lee Imbimbo

Managing Principal of Michael Imbimbo Inc. shares insights on new building materials

How did you first learn about Bautex Block?

As a firm, we are always researching alternative building products. The marketplace generates so many new and modified products every year, it can be daunting to keep up with them all. In our research into insulated concrete form (ICF) products we were particularly impressed with Bautex’s system. Given the products characteristics we feel that it is a good choice for many of our clientele. In particular, when you consider both the demanding requirements of short-term construction time frames, and long term operation of the building, the Bautex system can provide better results to most owners over conventional construction systems.

What made Bautex stand out?

Like conventional ICF’s you are initially drawn to the system by its simplicity. What makes Bautex particularly impressive is that the design is more thoroughly thought through. By reducing the amount of concrete, and utilizing a more robust block design, their particular ICF is easier to assemble, more stable during construction, and delivers a product with higher energy efficiency to help designers produce more sound buildings. The simplicity of the system makes this particular product a cost-effective solution for designers, contractors, and owners. We are already utilizing Bautex’s system in several of our projects for the coming year.

How are the insulation properties different from other buildings?

The most common construction systems being utilized today always require multiple trades to develop the core wall system. Typical CMU and stud wall systems require a well-coordinated construction and design effort to put all the components together in a unified core wall system to deliver the desired results in building performance. Bautex’s insulated concrete block system simplifies this process by bringing multiple trades into one, and allows a design and construction team to more easily hit the performance targets expected of a building.

About Michael Imbimbo, Inc.

Founded in 1999 with offices in San Antonio and Houston, the design team at Michael Imbimbo has a diverse range of project experience. With experience in residential, commercial, healthcare, education, and other institutional work they bring a combined experience of more than 150 years of design expertise. They pride themselves on delivering comprehensive design services to their clients, and guiding the construction process all the way through the development of the project.