Project Spotlight: TPWD Marine Development Center

The TPWD Marine Devel­op­ment Center is located in Corpus Christi Texas and was designed by Atkins archi­tec­ture for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Depart­ment and completed in 2018.

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Depart­ment was in need of a fish hatching process building that would be able to withstand a caustic saltwater envi­ron­ment both inside and outside. Designing a facility that could meet these specs, however, proved to be a sig­nif­i­cant challenge for Atkins. The initial design of pre-cast insulated concrete wall and rein­forced double-tee roof design came in sig­nif­i­cant­ly over budget. Atkins turned to Bautex to provide a more cost-effective solution.

Our team rec­om­mend­ed the Bautex Wall System for the building envelope along with a hollow-core concrete roof system with a direct-applied StuccoMax® wall finish on the exterior and on the interior of the indus­tri­al process areas. In the end, Texas Parks & Wildlife received a durable and abuse-resistant building. 

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The Bautex Wall System met the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s needs and concerns by provident resilient and abuse-resistant con­struc­tion that could withstand the corrosive saltwater envi­ron­ments on both the inside and outside of the building. Bautex also provided windstorm pro­tec­tion in an area with extreme wind exposure. The Bautex Wall System reduced the con­struc­tion cost, bringing the project back into budget. It will also reduce long-term main­te­nance costs, thanks to the mono­lith­ic insulated concrete wall and roof systems with no exposed steel elements, and give them years of worry-free service in this harsh environment.


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