Project Spotlight: Texas Hill Country Home

Our May Res­i­den­tial Spotlight is an update on a 6,000 square foot project, in Texas Hill Country, that began in 2018

This elegant ranch residence, designed for this Texas Hill Country location, is a large home that is well into con­struc­tion. There are numerous archi­tec­tur­al elements included in the design such as arched openings, exposed trusses and multiple finishes to capture beautiful views of the native wildlife and veg­e­ta­tion, and all are starting to take shape. 

The Bautex wall system is clearly evident through­out the following images of both the exterior insulated load-bearing walls, as well as the interior walls.

Bautex project work in progress

Bautex was chosen to meet the chal­leng­ing demands of this project: a focus on energy con­scious­ness (due to the hot Texas summers) and the desire for thick wall con­struc­tion, rem­i­nis­cent of the full stone and brick walls of the past. 

The Bautex Wall System met these require­ments and fulfilled the owner’s needs. Once complete, the Bautex Block walls will be finished with stucco and stone on the exterior and plaster on the interior. Stay tuned for another update in our newsletter’s res­i­den­tial project spotlight.

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