Project Spotlight: Executive Signs

When combining their offices, Executive Signs recently moved into a new location off Inter­state 35 in San Marcos, across the street from the Bautex plant. Executive signs had their architect design a struc­tur­al steel building for their new facility. One day while visiting the site, the architect and general con­trac­tor saw Bautex and came to visit and tour our plant to learn about the Bautex Block. They were very impressed. 


Before con­struc­tion, they learned that in this business devel­op­ment all con­struc­tion must be 100% masonry. To meet the 100% masonry code with their current design plan would have been too complex and expensive. They reached out to Bautex to see about getting the Bautex block spec’d in. Bautex was able to easily meet the masonry code and its sim­plic­i­ty saved Executive signs excessive cost of doing so. Using Bautex also helped improve the schedule due to shorter lead time on materials and faster instal­la­tion. Some other benefits realized by Executive signs was lower HVAC costs, a more durable building for man­u­fac­tur­ing work­spaces, better sound mit­i­ga­tion between office and work areas, and an overall higher-quality work envi­ron­ment for the employees.

The end result was that Bautex easily met the required masonry code without sig­nif­i­cant delays or expenses for the redesign. Now while Bautex cannot be across the street from your project, with our technical support, site visits, direct con­struc­tion training and con­trac­tor support from the experts at Bautex, you’d think we were.

Our moto is: We don’t just deliver block, we also deliver support to con­trac­tors and installers through­out the project to keep them moving quickly and effi­cient­ly.