Project Spotlight: Executive Signs

When com­bin­ing their offices, Exec­u­tive Signs recent­ly moved into a new loca­tion off Inter­state 35 in San Mar­cos, across the street from the Bau­tex plant. Exec­u­tive signs had their archi­tect design a struc­tur­al steel build­ing for their new facil­i­ty. One day while vis­it­ing the site, the archi­tect and gen­er­al con­trac­tor saw Bau­tex and came to vis­it and tour our plant to learn about the Bau­tex Block. They were very impressed.


Before con­struc­tion, they learned that in this busi­ness devel­op­ment all con­struc­tion must be 100% mason­ry. To meet the 100% mason­ry code with their cur­rent design plan would have been too com­plex and expen­sive. They reached out to Bau­tex to see about get­ting the Bau­tex block spec’d in. Bau­tex was able to eas­i­ly meet the mason­ry code and its sim­plic­i­ty saved Exec­u­tive signs exces­sive cost of doing so. Using Bau­tex also helped improve the sched­ule due to short­er lead time on mate­ri­als and faster instal­la­tion. Some oth­er ben­e­fits real­ized by Exec­u­tive signs was low­er HVAC costs, a more durable build­ing for man­u­fac­tur­ing work­spaces, bet­ter sound mit­i­ga­tion between office and work areas, and an over­all high­er-qual­i­ty work envi­ron­ment for the employ­ees.

The end result was that Bau­tex eas­i­ly met the required mason­ry code with­out sig­nif­i­cant delays or expens­es for the redesign. Now while Bau­tex can­not be across the street from your project, with our tech­ni­cal sup­port, site vis­its, direct con­struc­tion train­ing and con­trac­tor sup­port from the experts at Bau­tex, you’d think we were.

Our moto is: We don’t just deliver block, we also deliver support to contractors and installers throughout the project to keep them moving quickly and efficiently.