Project Spotlight: Cedar Ridge Community Center

In Dayton, Texas, northeast of Houston, a new community Center is being built for the community of Cedar Ridge. The 2,105 square foot structure was orig­i­nal­ly designed with con­ven­tion­al framing. The architect, Stan Cromartie, chose to amend the previous design to the Bautex system because he truly believes it provides better value to the client and the people that will be using the facility.

IMG 3786

The main factor that led to Bautex being chosen was: storm safety. With Dayton being so close to the coast, and in a prime hurricane prone area, the concern is well founded. With it’s FEMA 361 Storm Safety rating, the Bautex wall system was ideal for this coastal project.

The Bautex Wall System, which sim­pli­fies design and con­struc­tion and delivers superior per­for­mance, was chosen for this community project as it meets their storm safety concerns, need for energy effi­cien­cy and easily meets code require­ments, along with its sim­plic­i­ty in getting started.

Bautex Cedar Ridge Construction 2

According to architect Stan Cromartie: Our firm is always looking beyond the status quo for ways to improve and Bautex has provided an excellent option for us to introduce with con­fi­dence. In addition to that, how can you beat it being a Texas-born and bred product?”