Project Spotlight: Padre Island Residence

July’s res­i­den­tial project spotlight is a 3‑bedroom, 3‑bath, 1,500+ square foot residence built on Padre Island on the Texas coast near Corpus Christi. 

The residence was designed by the Corpus Christi archi­tec­tur­al firm, Freeman Schroeder Archi­tects, who have completed several projects with the Bautex Wall System. In the words of principal architect Ira Freeman, Bautex is a favorite tool in my toolbox in which to design and build.”

Padre island 2

Bautex was selected for this project for many reasons. Because of the Texas coast location, they desired a residence with a high level of resilien­cy to potential coastal weather con­di­tions, moisture resis­tance and energy effi­cien­cy. These were driving factors in choosing the right products to build with. According to Mr. Freeman, When you wade through what is out there to build with, the choice was simple.” 

Padre island 3

Another important factor in choosing Bautex was the acoustics. According to Mr. Freeman, It’s incred­i­bly quiet!”, and that’s imme­di­ate­ly notice­able when you enter the home. The Bautex Wall System, with its energy effi­cien­cy, resis­tance to mold & mildew, 4‑hour fire rating, storm safety and the fact that it contains no wood or organic material to attract termites, is perfectly suited for use in coastal sit­u­a­tions to meet these and many other needs for a residence. 

The ultimate desire and benefit to the new home­own­ers is the peace of mind” they receive. Please check back as we will have more great res­i­den­tial projects to share.