New Trends in School Design

With children spending many of their waking hours inside of a classroom through­out the week, it is no wonder that both school districts and parents are more concerned than ever with creating a better, brighter future of school design. Housing our future’s budding minds, the sanctuary of school­hous­es goes far deeper than the here and now. From growing safety concerns to simple aes­thet­ics, every single piece of a school’s building serves a purpose to not only protect its students, but also inspire them educationally.

Here are some of the indus­try’s latest trends in school design and why they are important:

Artistic, Inspirational Elements

It is amazing how closely indus­tries follow suit with one another… even at the furthest of spectrums. As marketing giants predicted companies would be moving towards creating ads and posts with more artistic and inspi­ra­tional appeals, the education industry also set its sights on like-minded design elements that would help to foster cre­ativ­i­ty and comfort in its students.

At the forefront of this movement was the very brave and resilient Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary that has worked elements of both nature and vibrant colors into its recon­struc­tion. From the impres­sive exterior to the imag­i­na­tive pops of bright, vibrant hues, we are all excited to see this project come to fruition.

Open Floor Plans

Industry insiders are calling this trend something of a see and be seen”. School officials hope that these types of new, inno­v­a­tive designs will not only promote the encour­ag­ing of social inter­ac­tion between children, but also dis­cour­age possible trouble. No one wants their school to feel like a prison and this simple solution just might be effective. An open floor allows security, teachers and even students to be better aware of their sur­round­ings, helping to prevent problems before they occur.

Team Houses and Community Learning

Yes­ter­day’s school buildings were noto­ri­ous­ly bland and dry, sep­a­rat­ing kids into stuffy rooms. Tomor­row’s school building may look a lot different. Ele­men­tary schools are going to become more and more inter­est­ed in changing the way that students see school. Instead of indi­vid­ual class­rooms, they will begin focusing on building community learning centers called team houses” which are all attached to a common room. This makes school feel more like home and less like a big building centered on solely providing education. The idea of community just might become the cor­ner­stone of school as we know it. 

As we move into a bright new year — bright, new ideas abound. The future of school design and con­struc­tion has never looked better and we are excited to see what the future holds in store for the beauty, com­po­si­tion and inspi­ra­tion of where our future grows.

The Practical Side

School districts are building more schools and as con­struc­tion costs rise saving on con­struc­tion time and costs are important. Min­i­miz­ing operating and main­te­nance costs are also important. One way that schools in Texas have moved in this direction is through the use of insu­lat­ing concrete forms or ICF’s for the walls. The ICF system which was invented over 50 years ago was a big improve­ment of the tra­di­tion­al con­struc­tion methods.

Building off the idea of combining the insu­la­tion of foam and the strength of concrete the innovate Bautex™ Wall System take the concept of ICF to a new level of performance.

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