New School Construction

Building better schools requires using better building materials

School districts from across the country are demanding that new school buildings be designed and constructed to deliver superior levels of performance while also providing the most energy-efficient, safe and effective learning spaces possible – all within a strict budget.

Under increasing pressure to rein in costs, meet new, more stringent building codes and reduce their environmental footprint, school districts are now at the forefront of a growing trend of energy-efficient and sustainable construction practices.

Districts are raising their standards for efficient systems. The building envelope is a major factor because energy codes are becoming stricter. Using the right building materials, like Bautex Block, is key to constructing a better, safer building envelope. Read more in our White Paper, Leadership in School Construction.

2015 IBC codes mandate that critical emergency operations centers (911, some fire and police stations, some hospitals) and all Group E occupancies (such as schools) must have ICC 500 compliant storm shelters for all of the building occupants, and this applies to areas in the 250 MPH wind zone -- much of north and west Texas. This means that new schools in "Tornado Alley" of North, West Texas will require "safe rooms" for protection against windstorms as of Sept. 1, 2016. See map. Read more about safe room standards.