New School Construction

Building better schools requires using better building materials

School dis­tricts from across the coun­try are demand­ing that new school build­ings be designed and con­struct­ed to deliv­er supe­ri­or lev­els of per­for­mance while also pro­vid­ing the most ener­gy-effi­cient, safe and effec­tive learn­ing spaces pos­si­ble – all with­in a strict bud­get.

Under increas­ing pres­sure to rein in costs, meet new, more strin­gent build­ing codes and reduce their envi­ron­men­tal foot­print, school dis­tricts are now at the fore­front of a grow­ing trend of ener­gy-effi­cient and sus­tain­able con­struc­tion prac­tices.

Dis­tricts are rais­ing their stan­dards for effi­cient sys­tems. The build­ing enve­lope is a major fac­tor because ener­gy codes are becom­ing stricter. Using the right build­ing mate­ri­als, like Bau­tex Block, is key to con­struct­ing a bet­ter, safer build­ing enve­lope. Read more in our White Paper, Lead­er­ship in School Con­struc­tion.

2015 IBC codes man­date that crit­i­cal emer­gency oper­a­tions cen­ters (911, some fire and police sta­tions, some hos­pi­tals) and all Group E occu­pan­cies (such as schools) must have ICC 500 com­pli­ant storm shel­ters for all of the build­ing occu­pants, and this applies to areas in the 250 MPH wind zone — much of north and west Texas. This means that new schools in Tor­na­do Alley” of North, West Texas will require safe rooms” for pro­tec­tion against wind­storms as of Sept. 1, 2016. See map. Read more about safe room stan­dards.