Meet Gretchen Kliafas, Architectural Sales Representative

Gretchen Kliafas (pronounced “Klee Office”) represents the Bautex team in the East Texas market, primarily supporting Houston area sales. She brings nearly 17 years of industry experience supporting hundreds of Texas builders and contractors in territory director and project management roles. Gretchen’s enthusiasm for the industry shines through, as you’ll read in this brief interview.

What are you most excited about in your role?

I am most excited about the sheer opportunity to be involved in changing the way the total construction industry will build their projects. I look forward to helping each different segment become more sustainable, safer and more efficient and still be an economical option. I also am excited to introduce and help implement this high performing, simple-to-install wall system to my vast connections in the residential home building market. With all of the hurricanes and storms here in Houston, I believe the Bautex Block high storm ratings are truly a solution so many will be excited to learn about.

What is unique about your market?

Houston is a fast growing market – from the EXXON campus to both NFL and NLB leagues being represented, growth and commerce is so closely linked to every day construction. Our school districts (specifically Katy, Fort Bend and CyFair) are growing and building schools at an astonishing rate. Some of these campuses are nicer than many colleges! And the coast: talk about opportunity for all types of building, especially beach side or bayside – many of those homes are very expensive to insure and there has been great loss in the last 10 years due to storms – think of how this product will change that!

What makes you a great fit for Bautex?

I am a great fit because I have a design background that has been cemented (pun intended) in new construction – I have worked for many different aspects of the construction industry and can relate to all stages of the life cycle of a given project – design, specification, product selection, estimating, implementation and installation, all the way down maintenance needs once the keys have been handed over to the new owner or tenant.

My love of the industry, and my immersion in it, can be found in all aspects of my personal life as well. My husband and I met at a National Builder show and he works with many of the same builders and opportunities as I do – we often network together and discuss upcoming projects. My brother is the city planner for Georgetown, Texas, and we often collaborate on new and innovative projects and products. My oldest daughter is working on her city planning degree at Texas A&M University College of Architecture.