Matt Risinger's Video Tour of the Bautex Plant

Bautex ICF walls are incredibly durable, but Matt Risinger puts our system to the test in this video.

Nothing shows strength and windstorm resistance quite like an air cannon. The high-speed two by four flying debris test shows just how much force a Bautex ICF block wall can withstand.

Bautex insulated concrete blocks make a higher performing and stronger wall system that surpasses the latest building codes, but is also simpler and faster to install.

Matt does a great job of explaining how our wall system works, starting with the Bautex Block made from expanded polystyrene insulation and cement. These blocks get stacked on the foundation and then filled with rebar and concrete to form a strong, durable and energy efficient wall system. The Bautex Wall System provides structure, enclosure, and insulation - replacing several layers of materials and installation steps in conventional construction.

One thing Matt likes about the Bautex wall system is its efficiency. The Bautex block has two inches of EPS foam on the inside and outside, and the middle sections of insulation are ten inches thick. The result is a wall system that is up to three times more insulation than required by the latest residential energy codes in Texas.

Besides extreme energy efficiency, key benefits of the Bautex wall system includes great sound reduction, resistance to mold and mildew, low maintenance, long-term durability, 4-hour fire rating, and FEMA level windstorm protection.

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