Press Release

Matt Risinger Visits Bautex Systems Plant

Bau­tex wel­comed builder, build­ing sci­ence expert and voice for fine crafts­man­ship Matt Risinger to its plant in San Mar­cos, Texas last spring for a tour of the man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ties and to get a taste for the exten­sive test­ing the Bau­tex Block has passed.

In a YouTube video pub­lished this past May, Matt briefly intro­duced the ele­ments of the Bau­tex Block wall, show­ing how the sys­tem pro­vides insu­la­tion and some incred­i­ble struc­ture.”

A cou­ple of things I like about this – num­ber one is that effi­cien­cy. Huge effi­cien­cies by a sys­tem like this, because look, we’ve got two inch­es here of EPS foam on the inside and on the out­side, and of course some sec­tions that are full 10 inch­es thick of that foam. A very, very effi­cient wall sys­tem. And we’ve got the mass wall effect. So once that grid of con­crete in the cen­ter gets to the tem­per­a­ture of the house, it’s going to want to stay that way,” Risinger went on to say.

Dura­bil­i­ty of mod­ern con­struc­tion is top of mind for many builders today, who face many chal­lenges includ­ing mold, rot, ter­mites, fire and wind­storms. Risinger point­ed out that, the thing I like about a sys­tem like this is it’s basi­cal­ly imper­vi­ous to water … there’s no rot, there’s no mold, there’s no issues with wood and decay on a sys­tem like this.”

Risinger was also very sur­prised that a wall sys­tem that was made of near­ly 90% foam plas­tic insu­la­tion could also pro­vide a fire pro­tec­tion as well, com­ment­ing that with the Bau­tex Block you get a mul­ti­ple-hour fire­wall out of this sys­tem.”

The tour of the patent pend­ing man­u­fac­tur­ing plant and see­ing how Bau­tex Blocks are man­u­fac­tured was clear­ly a high­light of the vis­it, but the part of the tour that real­ly got Matt’s atten­tion was get­ting to fire the wind­storm debris test canon at a Bau­tex Block wall. After pulling the trig­ger that fired a wood stud at the wall at over 120 miles per hour, Matt laughed and said How about that two-by-four test; that was awe­some!”

Be sure to watch his Bau­tex Plant Tour Video and check out the Matt Risinger YouTube Chan­nel for more infor­ma­tive videos on build­ing sci­ence and crafts­man­ship.