Just What the Doctor Ordered: a Quiet & Comfortable Facility for Patients

Bautex Block Wall System encloses new ARC Cedar Park facility

Austin Regional Clinic, one of Central Texas’ largest healthcare providers, opened the doors of its new 20,000 square foot clinic in Cedar Park in December 2016, the largest building in Central Texas using a Bautex Block Wall System for its building envelope. In addition to primary care, it is ARC’s first stand-alone facility for urgent care services.

A Central Texas-based team of architects, engineers and contractors designed and constructed this first-of-its-kind healthcare facility including Wimberley-based Office of Architecture, Austin Canyon, and Whitetail Construction.

Employees and patients of ARC Cedar Park are noticing a difference in the acoustics of the building. “We’re not hearing a lot of noise from the outside, and there’s not a lot of echoing on the inside,” says clinic manager Darlene Guynes. “The benefit to our employees and patients for this new location is a more comfortable environment to work in.”

The project includes 52 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, work stations, a lab, offices, and physicians’ lounges. ARC is one of central Texas’ largest professional medical groups, providing comprehensive health care to individuals and families throughout the community.

“Performance is driving specifications more than ever in new medical facilities,” observes Paul Brown, president of Bautex Systems. “Owners want buildings that are healthier, more comfortable and more efficient to operate. We’re proud to help ARC Cedar Park achieve these objectives in its new facility.”

Carlton Innis, senior director of clinical operations for ARC Cedar Park, says using building material such as Bautex Block complements the company’s values. “Bautex is environmentally friendly, and that’s all about people. And ARC, as a healthcare organization, is about people. So we feel like we try to do our best in terms of the services we provide, the quality and outcomes that we pride ourselves in. It felt like a good match, a good synergy.”