Installer Training with WG&D Masonry

WG&D Masonry is a very experienced masonry contractor based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with projects across the United States, including 67 Lifetime Fitness clubs. Their company recently went through the Bautex Installer Program and learned how Bautex Block differs from traditional block construction. Joe Gray, Vice President of WG&D Masonry, was impressed by how quickly his team caught onto working with Bautex Block, and the straightforwardness of the installer training.

“Bautex was really helpful on giving us a heads up about how to pour concrete, work around the door jambs using a chainsaw, and how to support it with plywood to ensure a smooth and fast concrete pour,” Gray said. “We really appreciated how the Bautex trainer answered all of our questions.”

These different installation methods are sometimes met with initial apprehension from longtime masons used to working with traditional block construction. The Bautex Installer Program is focused on the speed and efficiency of the unique attributes of the Bautex Block itself. While it uses the same trades to install the block, primarily masons and concrete contractors, they can quickly see and pick up the techniques of the installation. Having a chance to experience the block, those that have been trained quickly lose any apprehension around using the block for the first time.

For example, many are surprised to learn that the block can be cut in place using a chainsaw or reciprocating saw, a tool that is not typically part of a mason's supplies. Bautex Block does not require years of experience with an electric masonry saw, a very time consuming aspect of a traditional block wall construction. After a few practice cuts, WG&D masons were prepared to use the technique.

“Our product feels a lot like traditional masonry in the sense that it’s solid, yet the speed and simplicity achieved is what makes the product a dream to install for masons," said Duane Holloway, Bautex Construction Support Manager. “Fewer highly skilled laborers are needed and contractors won’t need much new equipment.”

The Bautex Installer Program is specifically designed to address any concerns by contractors utilizing Bautex Block for the first time. Once trained, contractors are suddenly aware of the inherent benefits that will help them bid, predict installation times, and turn a profit. The simplicity of the block and the understanding of the time-saving installation techniques reduce the risk of trying something new, meaning that those trained will not want to walk away from a Bautex Block project. There are already several contractors across Texas trained and ready to work on projects utilizing Bautex Block.