7 Modern Design Ideas for Green Commercial Buildings

Green archi­tec­ture is a well-estab­lished move­ment in com­mer­cial con­struc­tion and one that has brought a sig­nif­i­cant­ly pos­i­tive change in how build­ings are being designed. Archi­tects and builders are striv­ing to cre­ate build­ings that are kinder to the envi­ron­ment by select­ing sus­tain­able mate­ri­als and focus­ing on improv­ing ener­gy effi­cien­cy. Addi­tion­al­ly, green build­ings have improved indoor air qual­i­ty and safe­ty fea­tures, ensur­ing that future build­ing occu­pants are com­fort­able and pro­tect­ed, as well.

Here are sev­en mod­ern exam­ples of green com­mer­cial build­ing designs to help inspire new con­struc­tion or ren­o­va­tion.

1. An Exterior to Block Noise Pollution


The Austin Region­al Clin­ic in Bee Cave is a new­ly built med­ical clin­ic that was designed to meet two major fac­tors: patient com­fort and low ener­gy costs. The exte­ri­or walls of this facil­i­ty are made of Bau­tex, a sus­tain­able and light­weight insu­lat­ed com­pos­ite block sys­tem. Not only is Bau­tex very ener­gy-effi­cient, it also out­per­forms oth­er walls in noise con­trol. Patients and staff alike have found this new design to offer a far qui­eter, more peace­ful indoor envi­ron­ment. Green build­ing design should always con­sid­er how to improve and pro­mote health of those that will be work­ing or liv­ing in the fin­ished struc­ture.

2. Building with Affordability in Mind


Those new to green build­ing inno­va­tions may wrong­ly believe that this trend will lead to more expen­sive con­struc­tion. It’s actu­al­ly com­plete­ly pos­si­ble to build a sus­tain­able struc­ture on a bud­get, as long as you choose a mate­r­i­al that will work with you. The Bel­la Col­i­nas Retail project was not only com­plet­ed with ease, but by using all-in-one Bau­tex walls for the enve­lope, the own­er actu­al­ly saved mon­ey. If expens­es need to be kept to a min­i­mum, search for mate­ri­als that per­form more than one duty.

3. Focusing on Storm-Safe Resiliency


The Sea Star Base in Galve­ston, Texas is a unique build­ing, as it func­tions as an edu­ca­tion­al facil­i­ty for youth as well as a dor­mi­to­ry. Sit­u­at­ed along a harsh coast­line, it was vital that this build­ing is as strong as it is com­fort­able. The Bau­tex exte­ri­or wall sys­tem pro­vides pro­tec­tion from the ele­ments, includ­ing excel­lent rat­ings for both fire and hur­ri­cane pro­tec­tion. Despite how resilient the exte­ri­or is, the inte­ri­or is eas­i­ly cli­mate-con­trolled and qui­et.

4. Speed of Construction Accelerates Progress


When time is of the essence and a project must be built as quick­ly as pos­si­ble, green con­struc­tion is still an excel­lent route to go. The expan­sion of the Rio Grande Val­ley Cred­it Union need­ed to be com­plet­ed quick­ly. Stan­dard con­struc­tion could have tak­en weeks, but since the own­ers opt­ed for a com­plete wall sys­tem, the exte­ri­or enve­lope was fin­ished in just over a week. The more quick­ly qual­i­ty con­struc­tion can be done, the less down­time busi­ness­es will have.

5. Materials Chosen for Durability


A durable mate­r­i­al isn’t just one that’s tough, but also requires lit­tle care to main­tain. Green build­ings can be excep­tion­al­ly low main­te­nance when designed right. The exte­ri­or of the Austin Region­al Clin­ic in Cedar Park is a great exam­ple of an attrac­tive med­ical cen­ter that’s storm-safe, 4‑hr fire rat­ed, and mold-resis­tant.

6. Minimizing Future Operating Costs


Office build­ings are the high­est ener­gy con­sumers when it comes to com­mer­cial build­ings. The Iron­sight PSMT office build­ing was specif­i­cal­ly designed to reduce long-term oper­at­ing costs, there­by reduc­ing how much ener­gy is con­sumed. After con­struc­tion of this green build­ing, com­plet­ed with Bau­tex walls, the data shows that this office is spend­ing less than $200 a month. This includes heat­ing, cool­ing, and light­ing.

7. Healthy Buildings Equal Happier People


Green build­ings should enhance occu­pant expe­ri­ence. Dr. Nguyen, the own­er of the Texas Sur­gi­cal Der­ma­tol­ogy office, decid­ed to include feng shui ideals into his build­ing. In order to achieve a peace­ful, wel­com­ing, and calm­ing atmos­phere, the build­ing struc­ture itself need­ed to be able to block noise, pro­mote high air qual­i­ty, and main­tain a com­fort­able cli­mate. Not only is the build­ing exte­ri­or attrac­tive, but it serves to help the build­ing own­er cre­ate the busi­ness he desires.

Choose the best Materials for Your Green Building

Com­mer­cial build­ings are respon­si­ble for a sig­nif­i­cant amount of ener­gy con­sump­tion, mak­ing it vital that future con­struc­tion focus­es on sus­tain­abil­i­ty. There are few lim­its as to how cre­ative you can get with green build­ing design and advanced mate­ri­als are con­sis­tent­ly being brought into the mar­ket. Bau­tex Sys­tems is an excel­lent exam­ple of a block wall sys­tem that is ide­al for green build­ings, like those fea­tured above.