7 Modern Design Ideas for Green Commercial Buildings

Green architecture is a well-established movement in commercial construction and one that has brought a significantly positive change in how buildings are being designed. Architects and builders are striving to create buildings that are kinder to the environment by selecting sustainable materials and focusing on improving energy efficiency. Additionally, green buildings have improved indoor air quality and safety features, ensuring that future building occupants are comfortable and protected, as well.

Here are seven modern examples of green commercial building designs to help inspire new construction or renovation.

1. An Exterior to Block Noise Pollution


The Austin Regional Clinic in Bee Cave is a newly built medical clinic that was designed to meet two major factors: patient comfort and low energy costs. The exterior walls of this facility are made of Bautex, a sustainable and lightweight insulated composite block system. Not only is Bautex very energy-efficient, it also outperforms other walls in noise control. Patients and staff alike have found this new design to offer a far quieter, more peaceful indoor environment. Green building design should always consider how to improve and promote health of those that will be working or living in the finished structure.

2. Building with Affordability in Mind


Those new to green building innovations may wrongly believe that this trend will lead to more expensive construction. It's actually completely possible to build a sustainable structure on a budget, as long as you choose a material that will work with you. The Bella Colinas Retail project was not only completed with ease, but by using all-in-one Bautex walls for the envelope, the owner actually saved money. If expenses need to be kept to a minimum, search for materials that perform more than one duty.

3. Focusing on Storm-Safe Resiliency


The Sea Star Base in Galveston, Texas is a unique building, as it functions as an educational facility for youth as well as a dormitory. Situated along a harsh coastline, it was vital that this building is as strong as it is comfortable. The Bautex exterior wall system provides protection from the elements, including excellent ratings for both fire and hurricane protection. Despite how resilient the exterior is, the interior is easily climate-controlled and quiet.

4. Speed of Construction Accelerates Progress


When time is of the essence and a project must be built as quickly as possible, green construction is still an excellent route to go. The expansion of the Rio Grande Valley Credit Union needed to be completed quickly. Standard construction could have taken weeks, but since the owners opted for a complete wall system, the exterior envelope was finished in just over a week. The more quickly quality construction can be done, the less downtime businesses will have.

5. Materials Chosen for Durability


A durable material isn't just one that's tough, but also requires little care to maintain. Green buildings can be exceptionally low maintenance when designed right. The exterior of the Austin Regional Clinic in Cedar Park is a great example of an attractive medical center that's storm-safe, 4-hr fire rated, and mold-resistant.

6. Minimizing Future Operating Costs


Office buildings are the highest energy consumers when it comes to commercial buildings. The Ironsight PSMT office building was specifically designed to reduce long-term operating costs, thereby reducing how much energy is consumed. After construction of this green building, completed with Bautex walls, the data shows that this office is spending less than $200 a month. This includes heating, cooling, and lighting.

7. Healthy Buildings Equal Happier People


Green buildings should enhance occupant experience. Dr. Nguyen, the owner of the Texas Surgical Dermatology office, decided to include feng shui ideals into his building. In order to achieve a peaceful, welcoming, and calming atmosphere, the building structure itself needed to be able to block noise, promote high air quality, and maintain a comfortable climate. Not only is the building exterior attractive, but it serves to help the building owner create the business he desires.

Choose the best Materials for Your Green Building

Commercial buildings are responsible for a significant amount of energy consumption, making it vital that future construction focuses on sustainability. There are few limits as to how creative you can get with green building design and advanced materials are consistently being brought into the market. Bautex Systems is an excellent example of a block wall system that is ideal for green buildings, like those featured above.