Project Spotlight: Gracewood, Inc.

Gracewood rescues children and their single mothers, ensuring a bright future by providing home, hope and healing. (Learn More)

Gracewood 1

Gracewood, located in Houston’s Spring Branch, is expanding their facil­i­ties to provide addi­tion­al assis­tance to single mothers and their children.

Since Gracewood relies on donations to sustain its growth and progress, they have trusted Masa Studio Archi­tects’ Emily Ledbetter and Mark Adkins with their projects. They have recently begun the third building in their expansion plan which includes a new Admin­is­tra­tive Building and Community Center. To ensure they’re honoring their bene­fac­tors’ and donors’ gen­eros­i­ty, Gracewood is very prudent about how they spend the donations and trust Masa Studio Archi­tects to assist them.

Gracewood 2

As this building will be housing the new admin­is­tra­tive offices and community center, energy effi­cien­cy and long-term operation and main­te­nance cost are of paramount importance. 

With this in mind, Masa Studio Archi­tec­ture chose the Bautex Block Wall System for this expansion project as it provides building occupants with a healthier, safer and more com­fort­able work envi­ron­ment. Gracewood also benefits from the lower cost of operation and main­te­nance, and long-term asset value ensuring that they receive the greatest value from their donations. Check back as we’ll have new updates about the project in our project spotlight.