General Contractor Spotlight & Interview: Charles Downing

This month, in our General Con­trac­tor Spotlight, we are featuring a dis­cus­sion with Charles Downing, Project Manager and Owner of Texas Custom Solutions, LLC (TCS). They spe­cial­ize in custom homes and com­mer­cial con­tract­ing and remod­el­ing with expe­ri­ence in all areas of con­struc­tion. TCS’s primary focus is private work and customer relations instead of the public bidding process. 

Charles began building with Bautex Systems in late 2018 on the Executive Signs project as the Project Manager — Super­vi­sor. TCS was the General Con­trac­tor for this project and, therefore, oversaw every aspect. The Executive Signs project was located directly across the street from the Bautex Plant.

We asked Charles, now that you have completed your first project using the Bautex Wall System, how would you describe your overall expe­ri­ence in using the system? 

His response: Loved it. Every­thing worked together great on this project. The product is very struc­tural­ly sound. Quiet and easy to work with.” He shared that the instal­la­tion process was rel­a­tive­ly easy: There’s always a learning curve with a new product but we figured it out pretty quickly.”

We also asked how the use of the Bautex Wall System on this project benefited him as the general con­trac­tor and he said that he was able to easily exceed all codes. He was able to use existing sub­con­trac­tors of his and the cost was very afford­able, and in essence, saved money in the long run. He said that it was very easy to under­stand the cost process.

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When asked about how ben­e­fi­cial the Bautex Con­struc­tion support was, Charles said, Very ben­e­fi­cial. We were their head­quar­ters neighbor which was nice. Therefore, they were always on point. But even had they not been a neighbor to our project, their team is awesome and ready to assist in every way.”

When asked what he would share with other con­trac­tors and design teams to influence their choosing Bautex for their next project, Charles replied, Bautex is much easier to work with than any other product of its nature. It really stands out in its category in building materials. Almost anyone can install and have a rhythm by day 2 or 3. The costs typically come in lower than tra­di­tion­al building styles, pending few variables. But the effi­cien­cy and ease are bar none. With the industry con­tin­u­ous­ly trying to reach new effi­cien­cy standards, Bautex really covers a lot of ground for designers and builders.”

Finally, we asked Charles why Bautex was chosen for this project and did it solve any issues for the project? Charles responded, This product was chosen to try something new and to reach/​exceed city require­ments. Given our building type and size, any other product would’ve cost more on the overall project cost to construct. Bautex gave us a building that was easy to construct, will save the client on utility bills and will stand the test of time.”


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