How to Save on Labor and Costs With Updated Processes and Materials

In today’s con­struc­tion industry, the ability to control the cost of labor and materials is often the main indicator of a suc­cess­ful and prof­itable project. According to Dr. Issi Romen, Chief Economist at BuildZoom, labor and material costs are the biggest reasons why we’ve seen such a sharp increase in con­struc­tion costs since the mid-2000s.

So how do you curb these costs when building owners often want to spend the least amount of money possible, but still expect the highest quality con­struc­tion? Let’s explore a few different ways to manage labor costs and select con­struc­tion materials that will be most prof­itable for both you and the building owner. 

1. Save on Material Costs With ICBs

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While the pre-engi­neered metal building (PEMB) has long been a popular choice for the indus­tri­al sector, new require­ments for insu­la­tion, exterior finish and other building aes­thet­ics have raised the overall con­struc­tion cost of PEMBs, making them less cost-effective than they used to be. 

Instead, try a proven and cost-effective replace­ment for PEMBs: insulated concrete blocks (ICB). High-per­for­mance ICBs, like those found in the Bautex Wall System, have many advan­tages over other framing con­struc­tion types, as the Bautex Block replaces sheathing, cavity insu­la­tion and exterior insu­la­tion with no addi­tion­al steps or materials. Other advan­tages include:

  • Design Flex­i­bil­i­ty: Even the most complex designs are simple to construct, and ICBs can be easily modified on site using con­ven­tion­al tools. 
  • Sus­tain­abil­i­ty: ICBs require fewer building materials for your project and reduce the building’s level of energy consumption. 
  • Durable Materials: ICBs can be specified for projects that require fire endurance ratings as high as four hours. They are also a listed fire-rated assembly.
  • Disaster-Resilient: Wall systems made with ICBs are extremely weather resistant and meet insurance require­ments for buildings located in hurricane and tornado-prone areas of the United States.

By using an ICB instead of a metal frame, you’ll save on labor and material costs, while also com­plet­ing the framing portion of your project faster. 

2. Reduce Job Complexity Through Scope and Materials

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Com­mer­cial buildings are complex projects, requiring a multitude of materials and people to complete the job suc­cess­ful­ly. Instead of relying on multiple trades and multiple steps required with con­ven­tion­al wall assem­blies, choose a material that makes the framing process quick and easy though reduced scope and materials. 

Products like the Bautex Wall System makes for a more cost-effective process. Because the system only requires one trade to build the frame, con­trac­tors can reduce coor­di­na­tion chal­lenges between multiple trades and the chance for costly delays. 

The Bautex Wall System only takes four steps to install and dras­ti­cal­ly reduces the number of materials needed to four: 

  1. Bautex Blocks, composite concrete insu­lat­ing forms (ICB) that are the enclosure and insulator for the building.
  2. Rebar, which is placed easily into the forms.
  3. Concrete to pour into the Blocks as you reach a floor, roof or planned height.
  4. An Air and Moisture Barrier applied directly on the blocks.

With a system like the Bautex Wall System, you don’t need any special tools or skills. Plus, Bautex has spe­cial­ist support team specif­i­cal­ly for con­trac­tors that can help answer any questions you might have or a quick, 3 – 4 hour training program if you want a more on-hands learning approach.

3. Decrease Waste With Streamlined Processes

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Are your building and material selection processes as stream­lined as they can be? Sometimes all it takes is a thorough analysis of your processes and tech­niques to discover easy ways to save on costs that can be quickly initiated. Below are three questions to ask yourself when thinking about your projects:

  1. Are you using easy-to-install products? Using these types of products do more than just speed up con­struc­tion times. Their easy instal­la­tion process helps reduce the chance for human error. 
  2. Are the products you’re using efficient? It’s hard to beat a single product that can do the work of many, like the Bautex Wall System we’ve mentioned through­out this piece. This is one of the quickest ways to reduce time and materials. 
  3. Are you using the least number of products possible? Using fewer products means you will have fewer steps in the overall process. This means less downtime for your crew, plus you save money on estimates, materials sourcing and labor. 

All three of these questions can be answered Yes” by choosing the Bautex Wall System. Bautex Blocks are easy to use, speeding up your con­struc­tion time. The Bautex Wall System is efficient, saving you on labor costs. It also reduces the number of products and processes needed, saving you money on materials and labor. 

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Today’s con­trac­tors face increased con­struc­tion and labor costs, putting a strain on your bottom line. By choosing a product such as the Bautex Wall System, you can save yourself time and money, solving both labor shortage issues and material cost increases. 

Talk to a Bautex rep­re­sen­ta­tive today to see how the Bautex Wall System can help you save time and money on your next project.