Life Safety

Fewer Trades and Fewer Products Means Fewer Problems During Construction

Directing and coordinating a construction project entails the implementation of a multitude of management technologies and extensive trade specific know-how from both the project manager and the construction manager. The fine tuning and tracking of all products, material transport, equipment management, the erection timeline, manpower scheduling, specialty division consultants, and trades coordination must be constantly adjusted to fit unforeseen circumstances.

Project stakeholders seek many ways to minimize construction problems - problems that shrink profit margins and wreak havoc on construction timelines.

Traditional Framing, Envelope, and Finish Construction Trade Requirements

Depending on the type of structural framing utilized on a project, a multitude of design parameters a variety of skilled tradesmen must be effectively specified, bid, scheduled, coordinated, and scope defined. Each independent faction must successfully complete their phase of design or installation in a timely manner while leaving appropriate clearances and rough-in penetrations for other trades and future systems installations.

The engineered, integrated Bautex Wall System has combined structural, envelope and insulating features that reduce the amount of design, sub-contract bidding and construction to save time and money.

A prime concern in construction management is the coordination of multiple trades, which influences not only the final cost of a project, but also the amount of missed or overlapped scope, field-rework, engineering changes, and costly construction delays due to idle workers. With a minimum of construction materials and a single, trained installer, Bautex eliminates many of the multiple trade problems and conflicts which arise in traditional construction methods:

Click here for more information on this chaos-free, performance driven construction solution that is replacing traditional framing methods, concrete block walls, concrete walls, and even other ICF wall construction methods. The lightweight Bautex wall system provides the structural integrity, energy efficiency and safety rated performance of traditional systems. Reduce your time of project completion with fewer trades and fewer products using the Bautex Block Wall System.