Life Safety

Designing Building That Will Stand Up to Texas Storms

One thing is cer­tain about those of us who live in Texas: we want build­ings that can with­stand nat­ur­al dis­as­ters. This is espe­cial­ly true for busi­ness­es that need to pro­tect their finan­cial assets and avoid the cost of lost busi­ness dur­ing repair or rebuild­ing.

We also all want to avoid injuries or loss of life in res­i­den­tial or com­mer­cial build­ings hit by these cat­a­stroph­ic events.

Many build­ings built to code are still not as safe as they could be. There are prod­ucts and sys­tems avail­able today that can improve the safe­ty of a build­ing with­out adding to the con­struc­tion costs, and it’s worth learn­ing about them and what you can gain from using them.

While sites like Pop­u­lar Mechan­ics show­cased a vari­ety of build­ing prod­ucts that can with­stand every­thing from tor­na­does to hur­ri­canes, build­ing sol­id walls should be a major focus in any build­ing project.

Storm-proof build­ings come in dif­fer­ent forms, and it’s impor­tant to think beyond durable doors and win­dows. Sol­id walls help a build­ing hold up when it’s hit with hur­ri­cane-force winds, tor­na­does, or snow­storms.

Let’s look at why storm­proof build­ings are so pop­u­lar and how you can afford­ably make them even safer.

Protecting Against Hurricanes

Over the last sev­er­al years, there have been some ques­tions about why there aren’t more homes built to with­stand hur­ri­canes. We con­tin­ue to see homes along the gulf fall apart like a house of cards when hit by a dis­as­ter.

There have already been attempts to build stronger homes, even if they tend to look strange or futur­is­tic. In some cas­es, storm-proof­ing has even meant cre­at­ing dome-shaped homes to with­stand the strongest winds.

But we don’t have to set­tle for such extreme solu­tions to make sure our build­ings with­stand all man­ner of storms. Rather than using wood or met­al-framed con­struc­tion, we can sim­ply use a stronger wall sys­tem to bring more safe­ty, along with sev­er­al oth­er ben­e­fits.

Bet­ter wall sys­tems are avail­able, while also being eas­i­er to install, help­ing con­trac­tors and builders build faster.

Protection from Tornadoes

We’ve seen our share of tor­na­does around the Unit­ed States, and some areas in the south­ern U.S. are par­tic­u­lar­ly vul­ner­a­ble. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, far too many build­ings in these regions don’t have the kind of rein­force­ment that would min­i­mize tor­na­do dam­age.

Espe­cial­ly in one- to three-sto­ry build­ings, using a stronger wall sys­tem helps pre­vent the chance of col­lapse due to heavy winds and resists wind-borne debris from pen­e­trat­ing the exte­ri­or walls. In fact, FEMA con­firms that this kind of con­struc­tion is tor­na­do safe, mean­ing any­one in your busi­ness could stay in the build­ing dur­ing a storm with lit­tle chance of being hurt.

Using these meth­ods and mate­ri­als through­out Texas and oth­er tor­na­do-prone states could save thou­sands of lives. As the fre­quen­cy of tor­na­does increas­es, this becomes all the more impor­tant.

Surviving Wild and Neighboring Fires

Con­struc­tion projects in areas prone to wild fires need to use build­ing prod­ucts with a high­er fire rat­ing to pro­tect the build­ings, their con­tents and the occu­pants. Using durable fire resis­tant mate­ri­als also helps pre­vent the spread of fire to oth­er build­ings in close prox­im­i­ty, keep­ing the fire con­tained and eas­i­er to com­bat.

Using high­ly fire resis­tant prod­ucts can also help pre­vent the fire from destroy­ing the build­ing, or at least min­i­mize the dam­age before the fire depart­ment can arrive on the scene.

An Innovative Solution to Protect Buildings

The inno­v­a­tive Bau­tex™ Wall Sys­tem pro­vides supe­ri­or storm and fire pro­tec­tion, along with sev­er­al oth­er ben­e­fits, mak­ing it ide­al for build­ings in Texas.

The Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem com­bines the strength and fire resis­tance of con­crete with the insu­lat­ing prop­er­ties of foam. This easy-to-install and FEMA test­ed sys­tem fea­tures a four-hour rat­ing and the con­tin­u­ous insu­la­tion required to meet Texas build­ing codes. It can also be installed up to twice as fast as a CMU wall.

To learn about how this wall sys­tem can make your build­ings safer, vis­it our web­site.