Building a new nonprofit building? We want to donate the walls.

Bau­tex Wall Sys­tems is proud to annouce that we are now accept­ing appli­ca­tions for our 2017 Build­ing Mate­ri­als Dona­tions Pro­gram. We’re accept­ing entries from any Texas non­prof­it orga­ni­za­tions that are in the process of design­ing and con­struct­ing a new build­ing this year.

The non­prof­it who is select­ed will receive mate­ri­als to con­struct the build­ing’s insu­lat­ed exte­ri­or walls. The amount of mate­ri­als is enough to com­plete over 5,500 square feet of walls, not count­ing the open­ings for win­dows and doors — that’s enough wall mate­ri­als for the aver­age 14,000 square foot build­ing!

This is a $30,000 val­ue, and Bau­tex will pro­vide tech­ni­cal sup­port at no charge. The Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem also pro­vides:

  • faster con­struc­tion
  • a qui­eter, more ener­gy effi­cient build­ing
  • no air and mois­ture prob­lems
  • fire and storm pro­tec­tion

Want more details about our non­prof­it pro­gram and project guide­lines? Does your non­prof­it need a new build­ing? Click here to get more infor­ma­tion.

Learn more about our inno­v­a­tive new way to build walls.