Builder Finds Simplest and Easiest Solution to Homeowner’s Needs!


Our January Spotlight is on a 6,000 square foot residential project that is currently under construction. The ranch residence is a large home designed for this Texas Hill Country location. Architecturally, it includes numerous arched openings and multiple finishes to capture beautiful views of the native wildlife and vegetation. The Bautex wall system is being utilized for the exterior insulated load-bearing walls as well as some interior walls.


The challenge of meeting the demands of this project perked the builder’s interest. The builder needed to search for products that met the owner's requirements: energy conscious due to hot Texas summers and thick wall construction to look like the full stone and brick walls of the past. While researching building material products, the ease and speed of construction of using Bautex Block are what sold the builder on this product, which is perfect to accomplish all the owner’s demands.

Once complete, the Bautex Block walls will be finished with stucco and stone on the exterior and plaster on the interior. Look for more to come on this project!