Biggest Architectural and Construction Challenges According to TxA 2018 Attendees


We had a great time at the 2018 TxA Design Conference and Expo earlier this month in Fort Worth, Texas. During the conference, we had the privilege of speaking to a wide range of professionals from the construction and design industry.

Some of the attendees were kind enough to talk to us about their perspective on the biggest architectural and construction challenges currently facing project teams in Texas. Read on to learn about what they think are the current design and construction challenges, along with where they find new solutions and who has the most influence on solutions for their projects.

About the Respondents

89.3% of the attendees we talked to were architects. Attendees focused on a wide range of projects, such as commercial buildings (71.5%), residential (15.6%) and government projects (12.8%).

Their Thoughts

Our first question for attendees was: “What is the biggest design challenge you face today?” Over 67% of the attendees said either energy code (48.2%) or envelope design (19.6%). Building envelopes are a big design challenge for everyone in the industry today, particularly the requirement for continuous insulation in most wall assemblies.

We also asked, “What is the biggest construction challenge you face today?” Construction cost was largely the answer, with material accounting for 46.4% of the answers and labor issues accounting for 28.6%.

When asked, “Where do you look for new solutions to these challenges?”, we found that inside architecture firms, principals (50%) and project architects (32.6%) have the most influence on choosing a new solution for a project.

And when asked, “Who has the most influence on using new solutions?”, we found that architects tended to rely on other professionals when making a final decision on a new solution. Most often, architects listen to: consultants (19.9%), other architects (18.5%), product vendors (17.2%) and general contractors (15.9%).

Thanks TxA 2018

As always, TxA was a great conference, and we enjoyed getting to meet other professionals in the industry and learning more about the challenges being faced in the field today.

If you want to learn more about challenges being faced in the industry today, and how to overcome them, visit the Bautex blog.