Press Release

Bautex Wall System Air & Moisture Barriers Launched


Bautex Systems, LLC, the manufacturer of the high performance Bautex Wall System, has launched a full line of spray-applied air and moisture barriers that are ideal for above-grade exterior wall applications. Bautex AMB 20 Air and Moisture Barriers provide both resistance to moisture penetration, which is the primary cause of wall damage and growth of mold and mildew, and air tightness, which is critical to the overall energy efficiency of the building envelope.

When installed in tandem with the Bautex Wall System, Bautex AMB 20 Air and Moisture Barriers provide a continuous envelope that will meet and even exceed the requirements of most commercial construction projects. The combination of Bautex Wall System and Air and Moisture Barrier creates ten-inch insulated walls, with dense concrete wall cores providing high thermal mass, and an air tight building envelope.

“The Bautex Air & Moisture Barrier applied very consistently and smoothly with our equipment, and sprayed very quickly in a single pass,” said Patrick De Pippo of Jean’s Waterproofing of San Antonio, Texas. “The finished product was extremely tough and adhered perfectly to the wall. Clean up was also very simple.”

Bautex AMB 20 Air and Moisture Barriers have been tested to exceed the requirements of ASTM E2357 test for determining air leakage of air barrier products and ASTM 2178 test for air permeability of building materials. Bautex Air and Moisture barriers can be applied directly to most wall substrates, and provide excellent crack bridging and adhesion characteristics.

Bautex AMB 20 Air and Moisture Barriers are avilable as water-based systems available in both non-permeable and water vapor-permeable formulations. Bautex AMB 20 is also available in a solvent-based system for application in low temperatures. More information on the Bautex Air and Moisture Barriers can be found at