Press Release

Bautex Wall System Achieves Four-Hour Fire Rating

Bautex Systems, LLC, a manufacturer of composite insulating concrete forms (ICF), has completed testing that further demonstrates the fire resistance properties of the Bautex™ Wall System. Based on these results, the Bautex Wall System can be specified for structural and non-structural walls on projects that require fire endurance ratings as high as four hours.

Testing of the Bautex Wall System was conducted by Intertek at their fire laboratory in Elmendorf, Texas, in accordance with the ASTM® E119 standard. This test measures the transmission of heat and hot gases through a test wall, and the continued load carrying ability of the wall when exposed to intense heat, similar to conditions that exist in a structure fire. The Bautex wall specimen was not finished with protective coatings on either side of the wall to demonstrate the fire resistance properties of the base wall system.

During the test, the Bautex test wall was subjected to temperatures reaching 2,000° F, but at no time did the temperature of the exterior wall surface increase more than 15° F. After four hours of heat exposure, the Bautex test wall was removed from the furnace and immediately subjected to a stream of water from a fire hose for five minutes in order to test the continued integrity of the wall during a fire event. The test wall exhibited no change in structural integrity or load carrying ability at any point during the test.

While most projects do not require a four-hour fire endurance rating for exterior or interior walls, the Bautex Wall System provides this added benefit to every project that specifies Bautex with no additional work or expense.

These results demonstrate the durability and safety benefits of building with the Bautex Wall System. For more information on the Bautex Wall System and these fire safety test protocols and results, please download the full test report at