Press Release

Bautex Wall System Achieves Four-Hour Fire Rating

Bau­tex Sys­tems, LLC, a man­u­fac­tur­er of com­pos­ite insu­lat­ing con­crete forms (ICF), has com­plet­ed test­ing that fur­ther demon­strates the fire resis­tance prop­er­ties of the Bau­tex™ Wall Sys­tem. Based on these results, the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem can be spec­i­fied for struc­tur­al and non-struc­tur­al walls on projects that require fire endurance rat­ings as high as four hours.

Test­ing of the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem was con­duct­ed by Intertek at their fire lab­o­ra­to­ry in Elmen­dorf, Texas, in accor­dance with the ASTM® E119 stan­dard. This test mea­sures the trans­mis­sion of heat and hot gas­es through a test wall, and the con­tin­ued load car­ry­ing abil­i­ty of the wall when exposed to intense heat, sim­i­lar to con­di­tions that exist in a struc­ture fire. The Bau­tex wall spec­i­men was not fin­ished with pro­tec­tive coat­ings on either side of the wall to demon­strate the fire resis­tance prop­er­ties of the base wall sys­tem.

Dur­ing the test, the Bau­tex test wall was sub­ject­ed to tem­per­a­tures reach­ing 2,000° F, but at no time did the tem­per­a­ture of the exte­ri­or wall sur­face increase more than 15° F. After four hours of heat expo­sure, the Bau­tex test wall was removed from the fur­nace and imme­di­ate­ly sub­ject­ed to a stream of water from a fire hose for five min­utes in order to test the con­tin­ued integri­ty of the wall dur­ing a fire event. The test wall exhib­it­ed no change in struc­tur­al integri­ty or load car­ry­ing abil­i­ty at any point dur­ing the test.

While most projects do not require a four-hour fire endurance rat­ing for exte­ri­or or inte­ri­or walls, the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem pro­vides this added ben­e­fit to every project that spec­i­fies Bau­tex with no addi­tion­al work or expense.

These results demon­strate the dura­bil­i­ty and safe­ty ben­e­fits of build­ing with the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem. For more infor­ma­tion on the Bau­tex Wall Sys­tem and these fire safe­ty test pro­to­cols and results, please down­load the full test report at bau​texsys​tems​.com.