Press Release

Bautex Systems Introduces Bautex Block Engineered Wall System Solution

Bautex Systems today announced it will offer engineering services for the Bautex Block wall system through a team of consulting engineers including Outlier Engineering based in New Braunfels, Texas. Bautex also published a new series of engineering and design examples created by Outlier Engineering to demonstrate how an engineered Bautex Block wall is well suited for many common structures including schools, gymnasiums, office buildings and retail centers, providing significant benefits in energy efficiency, durability and life safety.

"Bautex Block is an innovative combination of the best parts of more familiar systems, such as traditional masonry and concrete,” explains Amy Stone, P.E., president of Outlier Engineering. “Working with Bautex customers, we can greatly simplify and shorten the design process by providing an engineered wall system that includes sealed structural engineering wall plans for their projects.”

Bautex is expanding its relationships with structural engineers to assist customers with specifying Bautex Block for their building envelope. President Paul Brown says the engineered wall system offering will allow project design teams and structural engineers of record to focus on the larger engineering requirements of their project, leaving design of the Bautex Block wall system to technical experts.

“The Bautex Block engineered wall system offering will make the design process more efficient for project teams. Our consulting engineers bring the expertise in tying our Bautex wall system to the roof and floors and designing building elements with Bautex Block,” says Brown. “These engineering services are ideal for teams that need to focus on more complex issues in their plans, leaving the wall system engineering to our team.”

Structural engineers of record can continue providing the structural design of the Bautex Block walls for their projects using widely understood design specifications from the American Concrete Institute’s Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete - ACI 318. However, design teams now have an option to work with Bautex for an engineered wall system solution using Bautex Block, in order to simplify and shorten the design proecss for their projects.