Bautex Residential Open House and Plant Tour

Earlier this month, Bautex hosted an open house and plant tour at our facility in San Marcos, Texas, giving homeowners and residential building professionals from across the state an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Bautex Block Wall System.

Attendees received a personal tour of the facilities from the Bautex team, including a walk through the Bautex office building which was constructed using the Bautex Wall System. Once the front doors closed, guests were surprised at how quiet it was inside the building, which is located just off a busy interstate highway. Equally impressive was the energy efficiency of this 4,000 square foot office building, which has been heated and cooled for $123 per month on average for the last four years.

Chris Leonard, the Bautex Director of Operations and Technical Services provided a tour of the manufacturing plant, explaining the steps of the patented process for manufacturing Bautex Block. Seeing how quickly and accurately the blocks are produced helped guests see first-hand how Bautex has become a proven and code-recognized building technology.

After walking through the plant, attendees walked outside and watched a construction demonstration with Duane Holloway, our Construction Support Manager. As Duane walked through the quick construction steps, he answered questions from builders and homeowners.

Throughout the day, members of the Bautex team sat down with builders and homeowners one-on-one to review construction plans and answer questions about their projects. Going through the specifics of the projects gave insight on how Bautex could be implemented into their current plans and the steps for making their dream home a reality.

You don’t have to wait for our next residential open house to speak to a team member about how to use the Bautex Block Wall System on your project. Call us anytime to set up an appointment, or send us your plans and our technical team will review them at no charge.