Building Science

Bautex Block – Plumbing and Wiring

Install Pipes and Wiring After Concrete is Poured

Mechan­i­cal items 2” diam­e­ter or small­er, elec­tri­cal and plumb­ing can be installed after the wall is com­plet­ed. Con­trac­tors sim­ply cut out chan­nels in the sur­face of the block with wood­work­ing tools and recess the con­duit and elec­tri­cal box­es inside the wall. The entire wall has 2” of insu­lat­ing mate­r­i­al on the inside and out­side, and there is a lot of flex­i­bil­i­ty in where you can install plumb­ing and wiring.

For ver­ti­cal plumb­ing items over 2” diam­e­ter, con­trac­tors may install a chase on the inside face of the Bau­tex Block wall or move the item to an adja­cent, con­ven­tion­al­ly framed inte­ri­or wall. This method is sim­i­lar to oth­er mason­ry or con­crete walls.

Unlike mason­ry, con­crete or tra­di­tion­al ICF walls, it is easy to install both after con­crete is poured. The con­crete forms a grid, and with­in the grid are 10”x10” areas, locat­ed every 16”, where pipes and wiring can be rout­ed through the wall.