Building Science

Bautex Block – Plumbing and Wiring

Install Pipes and Wiring After Concrete is Poured

Mechanical items 2” diameter or smaller, electrical and plumbing can be installed after the wall is completed. Contractors simply cut out channels in the surface of the block with woodworking tools and recess the conduit and electrical boxes inside the wall. The entire wall has 2” of insulating material on the inside and outside, and there is a lot of flexibility in where you can install plumbing and wiring.

For vertical plumbing items over 2” diameter, contractors may install a chase on the inside face of the Bautex Block wall or move the item to an adjacent, conventionally framed interior wall. This method is similar to other masonry or concrete walls.

Unlike masonry, concrete or traditional ICF walls, it is easy to install both after concrete is poured. The concrete forms a grid, and within the grid are 10”x10” areas, located every 16”, where pipes and wiring can be routed through the wall.