Bautex Block – Finishes

Archi­tects and designers have a range of choices for finishing a Bautex Wall System, both the building exterior and interior walls. Customers from Austin to Houston and the Rio Grande Valley are designing with different com­bi­na­tions of brick, panels and stucco depending on their desired look and project goals.

Brick and stone can be attached very quickly and easily using standard brick ties such as a Hohmann and Bernard 2‑Seal™ Tie. Stuccomax™, a mineral-based stucco that is dis­trib­uted by Bautex, can be applied directly over the Bautex Wall System and Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier. Synthetic stuccos from other man­u­fac­tur­ers may also work well directly applied to the Bautex Wall System. Veneer panel systems can be attached to the concrete cores of the Bautex Wall System using a Bautex Wall Anchor or a concrete anchoring system, like Hilti or Tapcon®. Texas Surgical Der­ma­tol­ogy (pictured) chose a com­bi­na­tion of masonry, stucco and metal panels for its building exterior finishes.

Inside the building, a Bautex Wall System may be finished with any standard finish, including sheetrock on a furring system or directly adhered to the interior of the Bautex block. Sheetrock is a very cost-effective interior finish option. A Bautex wall provides a firm substrate for installing sheetrock compared to installing on wood or steel framing, and it makes a more durable interior finish. After using a foam rasp to clean up the joints between blocks, sheetrock may be glued directly to Bautex Block using Wind-lock® Foam2Foam® con­struc­tion adhesive, or similar. Sheets can be tem­porar­i­ly supported while the adhesive sets, by driving several 2” or 21÷2” sheetrock screws at a 45-degree angle through the sheetrock and into the Bautex Block. After the adhesive sets, remove the screws and finish the wall to design specifications.

For projects such as Austin Regional Clinic’s new Cedar Park medical office, dura­bil­i­ty is key. A beautiful option is standard interior plaster or Plas­ter­Max™, a very durable and abuse-resistant plaster dis­trib­uted by Bautex.